Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Busy day of Rest !!!

The Three Lions
And here we are on another Wednesday Morning, It was a relatively late night last night as I was round with Gervase and leanne yesterday evening and did not leave until 9.40 as we were watching the England soccer match against the Ukraine. England won 1-0 so we are through to the quarter Finals. Anyway Leanne,s dad gave me a lift home so did not get in until about 9.50. Phoned Pauline and Gordon to let them Know I was home OK, then Made a coffee and caught up on Facebook so it was 11.00 when I went to bed.

? ? ? Confused or not ? ? ?
So woke about 5.30 this Morning and then dozed on and off until I got up at 8.00 to make a coffee and then into the lounge to await the arrival of Jo my Carer. Jo arrives at 8.20 and is totally confused over the days and thinks it is Tuesday, " I think I have a senile Carer LOL" Jo had Monday off and has yet to adjust to the short working week as she is so used to working 7 day weeks, so we have a chat and a laugh about that and she soon has me washed and Groomed and ready for the day.

House for Sale
Once Jo has gone I text Pauline and then get some Breakfast and go onto the laptop to check out the e-mails and to See who is around on Facebook. Pauline soon phones to say that she will be coming round today at 11.00 so that I have someone with me when the Estate agent comes as he is coming this morning at 11.30 to take the details of the house ready to put it on the market. It is nice that Pauline will be here and she is also going to start sorting through the stuff upstairs so we know what to keep, What to sell, What to give to Charity and what to take to the tip, so it is going to be a busy few weeks ahead of us, I am lucky as I have friends and Family that will help with a lot of the bits and Pieces that will need doing, Gervase and Leanne will be there for me and I have a good solicitor on board as well so it should all go to Plan. " Hopefully

Tesco Express.
so the estate agent arrives and we get the paperwork sorted out, the house should go up on the market within the next week and the For Sale board up outside within the next couple of days. The Estate agent takes a couple of Photographs and then he is on his way, Me and pauline have a slow stroll round to the Tesco Express to get a Sandwich for lunch and then we have that with a coffee and Pauline sorts out a few bits and Pieces and then at 1.45 I phone for a Taxi to take Pauline home and settle down to get this Journal written.

So not much more to say really about today, it has all gone well so far, I am having a coffee and writing this journal to get it posted and then I will probably have a lie down for an hour before pointless at 5,15 and dinner at 6.00 and then an evening of TV. I have not switched the TV on at all so far today, that has made a pleasant change, but I will make up for it this evening. so the weather has been nice and warm today and a lot of blue sky and sunshine but that is set to change overnight and the forecast is for wet and windy weather for Thursday and Friday and again on Sunday " Bummer"
Portsmouth this afternoon.
 The Photograph above is Portsmouth Harbour at 3.00 pm Today, it has been like that most of the day anyway time is getting on so I am going to go and see how the Olympic Torch Relay is Going.
Today the Torch Relay is on day 33 and is going from york to Carlisle. the photograph below shows the Torch outside "York Minster" the 14th Century Cathedral. York Minster is the Largest Gothic Cathedral in Northern Europe.
The Torch Outside York Minster.
 The next photograph shows the Olympic torch with The "Scots Guardsman" steam Locomotive outside the Railway Museum. The Torch will travel on this train from York to the market town of Thirsk.
The Torch with The "Scots Guardsman" Locomotive
Well that is about it, so I am now going to get this Journal posted, Make a coffee and have a lie down for an hour so It is a hearty Good bye to you all until tomorrow and here is todays :Day in History: from 1214.

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