Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wednesday Shopping ??

My Morning Coffee
Well here we are then. we wake up at 5.30 today to another day of Damp Dismal Weather. The Jubilee celebrations are all over with now and we are back to normal. Went to the bathroom and then back to bed to Doze until 7.30 when I drag myself out of bed and go and make the coffee, to take into the lounge to await Jo the carer.

Texting Pauline.
Jo Arrives at 8.30 as usual and is not happy about the weather as it is not very nice Cycling from Client to Client in this wet weather, anyway she gets me washed and dressed and is then on her way. I get some Wheatabix for breakfast and then text Pauline to let her Know all is done and dusted here. Pauline phones back to say that Gordon is up to Salisbury about 10.30 so she will book a taxi for 11.15 to collect me and then we can go shopping down to the City Centre.
Ok so I go and make another coffee and then settle down for an Hour on the laptop to check out Facebook and also my E-Mails before I go and get ready for when Pauline gets here. While I am on the Computer I check the Live webcam at Portsmouth Harbour to download the Photo of what the weather is like out there this morning, it looks very cloudy out of my lounge window.
Portsmouth Harbour at 9.00 this morning.
No Energy
As you can see, the weather is much the same at 9.00 this morning as it was yesterday. At 10.00 I make another coffee and then go and start getting ready for when Pauline arrives with the Taxi. I am feeling a bit Low on Energy today, I think it is down to this new round of tapering the Prednisolone. It always makes me feel extra tired when we start the new rounds of tapering and it normally lasts about 3 or 4 weeks before the body catches up.

True to her word, Pauline arrives with the taxi at about 11.25, so the driver gets the wheelchair into the Taxi and off we go to the city centre. It is just our luck that it is dry with bright spells until we arrive and get out of the Taxi and then it starts to rail, Lucky for us it is only a light shower and only last about 10 minutes and then stops so we go down to the Bank and get some money out of the ATM before we go shopping.
The area outside of the bank opposite Debenham,s.
There are not many People around in the city centre today, I think the rain is keeping them away, as the little tea bar is normally busy at this time of the day and there are usually a lot of people sat around the Fountain, but today it is quite deserted.
The City Centre Fountain.
The Fountain was built  to commemorate the Queens Silver Jubilee in 1977, which is the time I got Married to Christine. anyway we make our way along the Precinct to the entrance to the cascades Shopping precinct and go in to get a few meals from Marks & Spencer. I do love the food from that store.
Marks and Spencer,s Entrance in the Cascades.
Well we have a look around marks and spencer,s and then make our way back out into the precinct and as it is now 12.45 we decide to have a coffee and a Pasty at the "Expresso Bar"in the precinct. It is busy today but as it is undercover with a Canvas roof it does not matter what the weather is like. Because it is outdoors A lot of Disabled people use it as it is easy to sit at the tables in the wheelchair and also lots of room for "Mobility Scooters" anyway one of the regular users is there with his "Northern Inuit" breed of Dog, It is a 7 month old Female dog called "Spirit" and is there nearly every time we go .
Spirit with her owner at the Expresso coffee bar today 
Taxi For Pauline.
Once we have had our coffee and Pasty we then make our way into Tesco so that Pauline can get what she needs and I can also get a few of the basic bits that I need. we are in Tesco about 40 minutes and once we are finished we go outside and I phone the Taxi to take us home. Once Indoors I make a nice coffee and we then get the shopping put away, Pauline decides to take some of my washing with her s we get that bagged up and then I phone the taxi to take Pauline Home.

The time is now just turned 3.00 so I will check to see how the Olympic torch relay is progressing. Today is day 19 and the Torch has crossed the Border and is going from Dublin in the Republic of Ireland  to Belfast. The picture below shows the Olympic torch on the Skywalk above Croke Park Stadium in Dublin.
The Olympic Torch above Croke Park Stadium. Dublin.
Singing in the Rain
Ok so there we go that is about it for today, The weather does not know what to do with itself today, one minute rain, the next sunshine it Has my little toy dog in a bit of a dither, anyway if you press the button on his foot he sing " singing in the rain"I think we needed him today with his umbrella when we were out shopping.

OK so there is a couple of events we need to remember today, especially those of us who had relatives who were involved in the D Day landings in France on the 6th June 1944. for my family this is to remember " Pat Hubbard" and his brother "Smash" these were my Mothers cousins who departed from The South Coast here in Portsmouth and served with the " Canadian Black Watch" and also MY Late Father-in-law" Robert Clark who was a "Royal Marine" on one of the Landing Craft that was involved on ferrying the troops on D-Day.
18 Raku tiles produced by my Sister Eileen Maspero.
On a lighter note todays "Day in History" is from the depths of the 6th June 1984. life was never the same after this

So that is about it for today so until tomorrow i will say Bye, Bye.

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  1. You have my sympathy with the tapering of the Prednisone, I have to watch for temper tantrums in the morning because of the double dose and then feel like someone took a sledge hammer to me by late afternoon as I go into Pred withdrawal.
    Spirit is gorgeous; our old Aussie here is the same breed but he is 15 and a half, so looks a bit rattier, he is deaf, sight failing and he will not let me brush him so he looks disgraceful.
    They offered me homecare, but I would not accept, can you imagine a poor carer confronted with all these pets?
    We have brilliant sunshine and it is going to 27C today, no Raynauds as long as I stay out of A/C in stores.
    Hugs, Chris