Friday, June 22, 2012

A Windy Freaky Friday ?

Portsmouth at 9.00 am this Morning
Well at least it is not Raining at the moment but it is very cloudy and we also have some strong winds coming in of the Sea. so not the best of days to be out in the weather, I feel sorry for all the people that are over in the Isle of Wight for the Three day Music Festival, there has been so much rain over the last couple of days that the fields are just fields of Mud. " Oh what it is like to be young" brings back memories of Shepton Mallet in the late 60,s early 70,s with "The Flock", "Led Zeppelin", "Frank Zappa", "Santana" Plus many more. And Sunny Weather.
Shepton Mallet 1970 I was There {Somewhere}

Isle of wight 2012 I am not there
Oh dear that was some nostalgia "sorry about that got Carried away", anyway back to today. had a good nights sleep last night, slept through from 10.45 until 6.45 this morning and got up at 7.50, made a coffee and then into the lounge for the normal morning ritual.
Jo came and is not happy that the wind is so strong as it makes it hard work cycling from client to client, anyway she gets me washed and groomed and is then on her way, I get some Wheatabix for breakfast and then text Pauline to let her know all is OK here. Pauline is up in Salisbury this morning in the town centre, she helps gordon with his cleaning work on a friday.
Salisbury Wiltshire {Stock Photo}
Sky Broadband ???
 Once I had spoken to Pauline on the phone I settle down to check out facebook and the emails and then watch a couple of recorded episodes of "Little House on the Prairie" before getting some lunch at 12.30. I have had trouble with the Internet service this morning but it looks like it is now been sorted out at 10.00 am.

Cheese Omelette
It is now 12.30 and time to get some lunch, I decide to make a nice 2 egg cheese omelette today, and I will have that and then follow it with a nice Lemon yoghurt, all washed down with a nice cup of "rosy lee" {Tea} and then I will have a lie down for an hour before carrying on with the journal for today, I always feel tired  and Yucky on a friday afternoon after taking the Methotrexate at breakfast time.

Well that was a very nice and tasty omelette with mature Cheddar Cheese, had a lie down from 1.30 until 2.20 and then made a nice coffee and had a banana and a mars bar ( or two) and will now get this journal finished for today before settling down with the TV for the rest of the day and evening, the wind is still very strong with some gale force gusts but the rain has held off. 
Well not a very exciting day today but then again Fridays never are, The Olympic torch relay is now on day 35. traveling from Kendal to Blackpool  The following Photograph show Kendal Castle where the torch is starting from today, The weather is appalling with torrential rain and Strong winds.
Kendal Castle
On the way to Blackpool the Torch goes through Morecambe the birthplace of Eric Bartholomew better known as the great british comedian "Eric Morecambe" and the torch stops by the statue on Morecambe promenade 
Morecambe Promenade
Well that is me done for the day I think Freaky Friday is not my favourite day of the week so I will bid you all a Yucky Bye Bye until tomorrow ( Is it the Methotrexate or the 2 Mars Bars) and leave you with todays "Day in History" for the 22nd June 1911

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