Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Day after.

Must eat less at Lunch.
Well what a day yesterday was, Out to lunch with Gervase, leanne and Elaine and then the evening watching the live Jubilee Concert on BBC 1 from 7.30 until 10.45 and then the highlights of the lighting of the beacons across the UK. anyway got to bed about 11.30 and had a bit of a restless night as I ate to much at Lunch yesterday and suffered all night but anyway it is back to normal this morning so will eat easy today.

One of the highlights of the Jubilee concert last night was the Queen on stage with all the performers and the Band when they played and sang the "National Anthem" the crowd were absolutely fantastic.
The National Anthem last night.
Pauline and Gordon on the
way to Weymouth
Well I got up this morning about 7.45 and went into the lounge with my morning coffee to await Jo the Carer, who arrives at 8.40. She has not got a very busy day today so we have a chat and then she gets me washed and groomed ready for the day ahead. Once Jo has gone I have some wheatabix for breakfast and then text Pauline. Pauline phones me back to say they are on there way to Weymouth, and are just the other side of Southampton. Then Gervase phones to say he will be round about 11.00 ish to take me down to Morrisons to get the shopping, so I need to make sure I am ready for when he gets here.

As I mentioned earlier, There was over 2000 Beacons lit across the UK last night in Portsmouth there was one lit on top of Southsea Castle and one lit on the top of Portsdown hill. I have added the photo of the one being lit on top of the hill as it shows Portsmouth all lit up at night.
The beacon being lit on top of Portsdown hill overlooking the city of Portsmouth.
Well The weather today is very dull and grey, with lots of cloud and the threat of rain, at 8.00 O'Clock this morning I got the photo from the live webcam at Portsmouth Harbour.
Portsmouth harbour at 8.00 this morning.
Well true to form Gervase is late ad arrives at 11.20, not to bad really, anyway we get the wheelchair into the car and off we go to Morrisons down by the City Centre to do a bit of shopping, as we are driving down it starts to rain, so that looks like it is in for the day.

Morrisons at Portsmouth Victory Retail Park.
We are in Morrisons about 45 minutes, get what we want and then head back home along the sea front, there are very few people around today it is more like winter here than summer and most of the sea front stalls and cafes are shut so looks like the traders here have cut there losses and gone home.

The time is now approaching 3.00 pm and it is still raining quite hard and I am in front of the TV with the computer watching this afternoons Jubilee event and also checking on the progress of the Olympic Torch Relay in Norther Ireland. Toady is day 18 and the Torch is traveling from Londonderry to Newry. The following picture shows the Schoolchildren cheering the torch as it passes through Omagh.
Cheering the torch through Omagh.
Well the Queen has had her lunch and has made her way by open carriage to Buckingham palace where we are waiting for her to come out on the Balcony and ready for the Flypast.
The Royal Procession approaching Buckingham Palace.
So now we wait for the queen to come out on the Balcony to greet the Crowds who have gathered in their Thousands to support the Queen and the Monarchy.

The crowds Gathering in front of the Palace.
Well it looks like the rain has now set in up in london so it is not going to be a great view for the flypast, so I will go for a lie down for an hour so I will leave you with the "Day in History" for Today which is from 1883,and will be back to a nearly normal journal tomorrow. so until then Tatty Bye.

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