Tuesday, June 19, 2012

An excellent day today

♫♬♫♬ Here we are again, Happy as can be. ♫♬♫♬
 ♫♬♫♬ All good Pal's and Jolly good company.♫♬♫♬

I have no idea where that come from or why I should put it into today journal, but like so many things it is one of life,s little mysteries. 

A good Nights Sleep
And now back to Reality and Sanity " Boringgggggggg"  a good nights sleep went to bed about 11.00 last night and slept through until 6.30 this morning so very happy about that, also waking to a sunny blue sky is also a bonus, so at 7.30 after lazing in bed watching the TV News I get up, make a coffee, and into the lounge to wait for Jo the carer.

Come Back Polly
Jo arrives at 8.30 and is full of beans, Unlike me who seems to be full of wind today LOL. anyway she enjoyed having yesterday off and soon gets me washed and groomed ready for what turns out to be a busy day. once Jo goes I get some Wheatabix for Breakfast and then text Pauline. Pauline phones back to say she will book a Taxi at 10.45 and then we can go down to the city centre to do the shopping via the "Central Police Station". ? ?
What ! ! you all cry in amazement, the "Central Police Station" Is Pauline a desperate Criminal, Has she been beating poor Frankie, Is she wanted by Interpole. No! Pauline had a vehicle hit her car the other day when it was parked outside her house, Someone saw it happen and contacted the police and then the person that did it contacted Pauline so Pauline has to take her driving documents to the Police Station Today so that she can get a  Case number for her insurance claim.

So I now need to get sorted ready for when Pauline arrives so after a quick Check of my e-mails and 30 minutes on Facebook I go and have a shave and then get the wheel chair ready for when Pauline arrives with the Taxi. True to her word Pauline arrives at 10 55 and we get the wheelchair into the Taxi and off we go down to the Central Police Station.

Here we have a suspicious looking character outside Portsmouth Central  Police Station
Once Pauline has her case number sorted and Documents checked we then make our way to the City centre. It is not that far and it is a nice sunny day so I decide to walk pushing the wheel chair, but will make sure that unlike last week I will take it easy and not overdo it.
A Nice Sunny day for a walk
Once we reach the Precinct I need to go to the bank to use the ATM and then into Debenham,s  to get a couple of items, Pauline wants to go into Wilkinson,s for a couple of bits and Pieces and I need to go to Boots the Chemist. So once out of Debenham,s it is nearly 12.00 so we decide to get a snack from "Greggs" the bakers and a coffee from the Burger van and sit by the fountain and have a early lunch snack.
Millennium Fountain Portsmouth {stock photo}
  Once we have finished lunch  we make our way into Wilkinson,s and then into Boots.
so once we have got what we want there it is time to head off to Morrisons to get the food  shopping. I decide to have another little walk up to the end of the precinct and then back into the wheelchair to Morrisons, We go through the Sainsburys Car park on the way to Morrisons.
The Sainsburys Car Park is Deserted today
The Sainsburys Car Park is a bit deserted today I think everyone has decided to go down to the beach today while we have a Sunny Day and when we get to Morrisons there car park is not that full either. however we get into Morrisons and get around the store and find the things we want, It seems that every week the cost of food shopping gets more expensive still no good complaining about it as we have to eat, it is just a shame that it is more expensive to eat healthy than it is to eat "Junk Food" 
Morrisons Portsmouth.
Well that is the shopping done for today, once we are out I phone for a taxi to take us home, I can not believe it is 2.30, we have been out for 3.5  hours, where has the time gone. Anyway we are soon back home, we get everything put away and have a coffee and a chat and then it is time tp phone for a Taxi to take Pauline home and it is now 3.30.

And now to the Olympic Torch Relay. Today is day 32 and the torch is going from Hull to York. One of the best pictures I have seen today is of two Patriotic Dogs waiting to see the Olympic Torch come past.
Is it coming yet 
The next photograph shows a night in shining armour on a charger and Princess Beatrice Welcoming the torch bearer "Janet Baker" on the steps of "Harewood House" near Leeds
Princess Beatrice on the steps of Harewood House.
And so we come to the end of a busy and enjoyable day. I have now got to get Dinner on ready for 6.30. Tonight I am having a nice "Sea Bass" fillet with a Cauliflower Cheese and New Potato,s. all freshly cooked and I will enjoy that, just wish I could get someone to do the washing up afterwards, Anyway it is 5.25 so I will say Adios until tomorrow and leave you with the " Day in History" for 1850.

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  1. So if some noodle ploughs into your car, you have to go thru a police check, I can see what you mean Pauline is quite possibly a shady looking person. Nobody could really look and BE that respectable.
    Those two dogs, are they really patriotic or undercover canines?
    Life gets so complicated!