Thursday, June 14, 2012

One of those days.

Feel like Crap today
Well it just had to happen, Tuesday was a really good day and as you know from this blog I walked a lot of time on Tuesday  pushing the wheelchair, yesterday was a day of rest and also the day I take the 2 mg of Prednisolone, I felt pretty good yesterday up until about 6.00 when I started to have a lot of Aches and Pains in the top of my right leg around the hip area. Last night I had a restless night and interrupted sleep and today I really feel like crap. my leg aches and I have no energy, at least today is the day I take my 15 mg of Prednisolone, so hopefully I will feel better tomorrow as it is my "Methotrexate" day tomorrow.

A Good Slap.
I know I say it every time but I always overdo things on the good days and then suffer for the next two days, but to be honest, the feeling of achievement when I can walk for a period of time is really good. still only myself to blame so no good moaning about it, I know it will happen and it will the next time to so just give myself a slap and get on with it.

Keep Tapering the Pred
I was Reading one of my Favourite Blogs last night written by Christine AKA "Leather Woman". Christine not only suffers from "Myositis" but also from "Scleroderma" She writes a blog about her life and coping with her illness in Winnipeg, Canada and her Writings are very amusing. The way she writes is very "Down to Earth" and makes for excellent reading and a good insight into her life and her family. Christine is also tapering her Prednisolone Keep up the good work Christine.

There is a link to Christine,s blog in the left hand column along with  links to other blogs that I follow.

Today is shopping day, but the way I feel today I think it will be a short trip to Asda in the wheelchair with Pauline today, although I hope that as the 15 mg of Prednisolone kicks in I may start to feel a little better

Crowded shops
The normal Morning events went smoothly and Pauline books a Taxi for 10.45 and arrives to me at 11.00. once the Wheelchair is in the car we are off on the short 10 minute trip to Asda in the bridge centre at Fratton. Not a good move on our part really, as it reminds me of why we started to go to Morrisons to shop. Asda in my opinion has really gone down hill with there customer service over the last couple of months, The Aisles are alway blocked with cages of Food being put on the shelves, empty boxes left lying around on the floor, shop staff with attitude, and inconsiderate shoppers with Trolleys

Asda Checkout
Well it is not a pleasant experience today, mainly because I really do not want to be here today but Pauline is very tolerant with me and we get around and get the bits we need, It has taken about an hour but once we have everything we go to the checkout and the girl there is very pleasant and cheerful, so perhaps not all the Asda staff are miserable.

Once we are outside I phone the taxi and we are soon home indoors having a coffee and a Sausage Roll. Pauline gives me a hand to get the shopping put away and then she spends 30 minutes up stairs sorting out a few bits and pieces before I phone for the taxi to take her back home..
Google Earth
Once pauline has gone I make another Coffee and have a Yoghurt before settling down to get this journal written for today. The aches and pains are starting to subside from my hip/leg muscles and joints so hopefully the Prednisolone and the resting today is starting to work. I will spend the rest of the day and evening in the recliner with the TV and the laptop I think, although I may go for a stroll along the seafront via "Google Earth" LOL.
So there we are then that is about it for today the rest of the day is for doing nothing but dozing in the chair, playing Facebook games, and general laziness. Before I do though I will check the Olympic Relay Torch for today. It is on day 27 and is traveling from Edinburgh to Alnwick The first Photograph shows the Torch being carried by Sally Hyder in Edinburgh,s Sally suffers from Multiple Sclerosis and is with her Assistance Dog "Harmony".
Sally Hyder with her Assistance dog "Harmony"
The next Photograph shows the crowd lining the streets in Milton Bridge. as you can see there are a group of Elderly Residents out with the walking frames. well done to them.
Its the Elderly residents out in Milton Bridge
Well the weather has been a lot better today but now at 3.55 the clouds are starting to gather and we are expecting rain this evening starting of lightly but getting heavier as the evening moves on. so another few wet days ahead, anyway todays "Day in History" is a holiday theme from 1839 so I will leave you with that and the thought of Parasols and Straw Boaters and say Tatty Bye until tomorrow.

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