Monday, June 25, 2012

A Sunny Monday.

Hi Ho, here we are at the start of another week, the excitement mounts as I fling myself out of bed , rush across the room, whip the curtains open and !!!! YES !!!!! it is true, the weather man did not lie it is a sunny day in Portsmouth. <<<<<<<<<<Rewind<<<<<<<<<<<<
Hi Ho, here we are at the start of another week, the excitement mounts as I ease myself out of bed, Hobble across the room, and slowly draw the curtains and !!!! YES !!!!! it is true, the weather man did not lie it is a sunny day in Portsmouth.
Sunshine on the Panel fence in the rear Garden
Blue sky and sunshine returns to Portsmouth and even the yellow roses in Jack and penny,s garden are in bloom, things are looking up, so into the kitchen, coffee made and into the lounge to await the carer. It is Jo,s day off today so it will be a stand in carer today. and here the story takes a twist.
Care Company
I am sitting with my coffee in the lounge checking my emails and facebook when the house phone rings. It is the lady from the care company to say the carer is at my front door "Wrong" I tell her "No the carer is not here" the lady says " Hold on a minute I will phone her", " She is at No. (**)" she says, "No number (**) is opposite me, no one there either" Deathly pause then she is back on the phone " She is in the wrong road she will be with you soon"  It is going to be a fun day today.

Alien Invasion
The carer eventually arrives at 9.40. Poor girl she has only been with the company for 2 weeks, I do not know how she got to the road she ended up in as the Client she was at before me is in the same road and only 22 houses down the road from me. it must be one of these unexplained events that happen to young blonde ladies either that or the Aliens are invading Portsmouth LOL

However The young ladies name is "Carmella" and is a very pleasant young lady,I explain what needs doing and she soon has me washed and groomed and ready for the day ahead, we have a nice chat and I make sure she knows where her next client is and then she is on her way.

As she is leaving, the phone rings and it is Pauline, She has phoned to make sure all is Ok as I have not sent the morning text yet. it is nice to know that I have got people around me who will check to make sure all is OKAnyway Pauline is out on the common with Misty for her morning walk and we have a chat and then I get myself some breakfast.

For Sale Sign
Once I have had breakfast I settle down to watch a bit of TV and there is another Knock at the door, { it is like waterloo Station here today, can,t get any peace } I answer the door and it is the chap from the "sale board" company, he has come to put the For Sale sign up outside the house. so that was not expected yet as I am waiting to have the EPC certificate done as You cannot sell a property in the UK without one, anyway no problem so he gets on and puts that up.

Estate Agent
By now it is 12.30 and so it is time to get some lunch started I am going to do a "Cheese" Loaded potato skins today from scratch so it will take about 30 minutes so need to get those started, while that is cooking Leanne texts to see how I am and then the phone rings again, this time it is the Estate  agent to say that they have someone interested in the property and could they bring them round for a viewing tomorrow. Now Tuesday is my shopping day with Pauline so as long as it can be in the afternoon and Pauline can be here then that will be OK so they will bring them round tomorrow at 2.30. so that is OK.
By now my "Home Cooked Cheese Loaded potato skins are ready" is there no end to franks talent I hear you all cry. so I get them served up and enjoy lunch, it is a bit behind time today as it is nearly 1.30. once I have had lunch I get the washing up done and there is another Phone call from the Estate Agent to say that there is another viewing booked for 2.45 tomorrow so that is all right
"Cheese Loaded Potato Skins"
Loop Recorder
 Once everything is completed I then settle down with the laptop to check facebook and to catch up on my facebook games when the Postman delivers a letter from the Hospital ? I open that and it is a copy of the letter that the Consultant Cardiologist sent to my doctor to say that I had my "Loop Recorder Download" and that there were no "Brady or Tachyarrhythmias" so that is a good result.

The time is now 3.00 pm and I have done very little today and yet the time has flown by so I am now going to check out the Olympic Torch Relay and see how that is getting On. Today is day 38 and the torch is traveling from Leeds to Sheffield  The Photograph below shows the torch being carried through the county arcade in Leeds city centre
The County arcade in leeds
The better weather seems to have worked wonders as the crowds were out in force today along the whole route of the torch relay
Large crowds in Ackworth and Barnsley
So it is now 3.40 and I really must get todays Journal completed and posted to my blog so I will say tatty bye until tomorrow and leave you with the "Day in History" from 1910.

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  1. Good grief Frank sun on both sides of the Atlantic.
    But raw veggies for lunch heren your cheese potato skins look much better!
    OH no now I have to prove I am not a robot!