Sunday, June 3, 2012

Celebration Sunday

Crowds lining up at Battersea for the River Pageant
at 9.55 this morning, a million people are expected to
line up along the banks of the Thame,s from Battersea to
to Tower Bridge.
Well here we are on Sunday the 3rd of June, this is the main celebration day for the Diamond Jubilee. It seems to have taken over everyone,s lives in Britain at the moment, there is so much going on and many communities coming together to celebrate, Portsmouth itself has 45 street Party,s today as well as the City street party going on in the Guildhall square from 11.00 this morning and then there is the Jubilee Celebrations at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, the River Thame,s Pageant in London, from Noon as well as the Olympic torch Relay.

I slept fairly well last night, but I did not get to bed until 11.30 as I stayed up to watch the Film " Bruce Almighty". slept through until about 6.30 and got up at 7.30 ready for Jo The carer when she came and also to get ready for the day ahead. Jo came at 8.20 today and once she had got me washed and Groomed I had breakfast and then spoke to Pauline on the phone. then I settled to plan my day, Gervase will be round between 12.00 and 1.00 and will take me out to the street party to hopefully get some photo,s and then it will be an afternoon of watching the Thame,s Pageant on TV until 6.00.
The Olympic Torch is on day number 16 today. It is now in Northern Ireland for the next 5 days, and today it goes from Belfast to Portrush. the picture below shows the Olympic Torch at Bangor.
At 1.00 I had some lunch and had some salmon with Crisp bread and it was very tasy, just as I finished that Gervase arrives and as the roads are a bit hit and miss today with street party,s we decide to take the wheel chair and just go down to the local co-op. to get the few bits that I need, I take a photo of the neighbour,s out getting the street ready for the Street party, although the weather is not at it,s best and it is very windy.
Getting the street ready for the party later on.
As you can see they have emptied the road of parked cars and are getting the tables and chairs out and also the Union Jack shelter for the Music. so hopefully the afternoon and evening will go with a swing. Once we are back indoors I make a coffee and settle down to watch the Thame,s Pageant on TV and gervase makes his way home.

I am sat here now with a coffee watching the Thame,s River Pageant, and it really is a spectacle of Pomp and Ceremony. The picture below is of the Royal Barge making its way down River.
The royal barge on the Thame,s
The Olympic Torch Relay is still going strong today and here we have a picture of it as it arrives at Carrickfergus Castle
The olympic Torch at Carrickfergus Castle
The London Eye.
Well the Thame,s pageant really is a spectacular sight, Just wish I could have been there but it is good coverage on the BBC so I am enjoying it. The crowds are just getting bigger and bigger as you can see by the crowds gathering at the Millennium Bridge and the London Eye.
The crowds at the Millennium Bridge
Well there we go, so far so good, it has been a good day for me so far, I am now going to get this Daily Journal Posted Today and then settle down to watch the rest of the Pageant on the TV before thinking about dinner tonight which is going to be a Ricotta and Spinach Cannelloni so until tomorrow I will say Tatty bye and leave you with Todays "Day in History" from 1937.

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