Wednesday, June 13, 2012

No Rain Today.

Portsmouth at 9.00 this Morning.
At last a morning when I have not woken up to rain. I slept pretty well last night after a busy day out shopping with Pauline and walking for a while pushing the wheelchair and I must say that the legs felt pretty good yesterday evening but are a bit sore and achey today so a day of rest as it is the day that I take the 2 mg of prednisolone. as most of you Know I am tapering again and I am on 2 mg/15 mg of Prednisolone on alternate days until the end of the month. and then drop to 0 mg/15 mg on alternate days. until I see my Neurologist in September.

Spinnaker Tower lit in Yellow For Timmy Maccoll
As you may or may not know, this Sunday the 17th June is Fathers Day here in the UK. and the "Spinnaker Tower" is being lit in Yellow to bring awareness to the Royal Navy Sailor Timmy Maccoll from Gosport. Timmy is a father of two who has been missing in Dubai since the 26th May.
Well so far today it has been a relatively restful day, have not done very much at all, once Jo the carer had been and gone, I had some breakfast and then text Pauline. Pauline phoned back to say she has a appointment with the doctor at 11.15 this morning about the swelling and weakness with her wrist. I check my e-mails and Facebook and then watch two episodes of "Little house on the Prairie".
Little House on the Prairie
At 12.15 Pauline phones to say she has to go for a blood test,s next Thursday and the Doctor has Diagnosed Arthritis. in the meantime the doctor has told her to take over the counter pain killers "Paracetamol".
 The Estate agent phoned to say that they are sending out the letter to me about selling my house with their details on and that someone will be in touch on Monday to visit and take details and Photographs.

Well it is now 1.22 and time to get some lunch on, I am having a Jacket Potato with cheese today so need to get that in the oven, I got a pack of two ready prepared from Morrisons yesterday and I will have one today and one tomorrow, they take 30 minutes to cook so if I get it in the oven now it will be ready for 2.00 pm.

It is now 4.00 pm. enjoyed lunch had a lie down for about 45 minutes then got carried away watching an old Roy rogers film " Roll on Texas Moon" from 1946 with "Dale Evans" and "Gabby Hayes"
Roll on Texas moon with Gabby Hayes 1946
Well  That was very enjoyable, there has even been a glimmer of Sun and a fleeting glimpse of blue sky out the window today, however I am now going to check how the Olympic Torch is doing today. It is day 26 today and it goes from St Andrews to Edinburgh.
The Torch on the St Andrews golf Course.
So before I go and get another coffee, I will get todays Journal posted, and will sat Tatty Bye until tomorrow and another shopping trip down town. so I will leave you with todays "Day in History" from 1886.

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