Saturday, June 30, 2012

The last day of june

And so we reach the end of the Month. where has the year gone to so far ? And where is Summer ?, so many questions and so few answers. Much like Myositis. There are so many questions to be asked when we are First diagnosed and so few answers this is why it is essential that we all do all we can to get awareness of the disease out into the wider community. On Monday it will be 12 months since I started this Daily journal and I am amazed at the number of people that have and are still reading it, the Number of people that have visited this journal is just under 20,000 and are from all around the globe so to everyone of you I say "Thank You".

The Weather here is looking brighter today although there is a lot of heavy cloud about and also some regular Rain showers mixed in with the Sunshine. as is shown by the Photo Below taken from the live Webcam at The Spinnaker Tower at the Harbour entrance at  10.00 am today.

Morning Coffee
I had a good nights sleep last night, did not go to bed until 11.45 and slept through until 7.15 apparently it rained quite heavy at 4.00 am and 6.00 am but I heard nothing, anyway got up at 8.00 made a coffee and went into the lounge to wait for Jo the carer who arrived a little later today, anyway once she was here she soon had me washed and groomed and ready for the day ahead so it was some Wheatabix for breakfast and the the laptop for facebook and emails.

Listening to the Morning News it is all about the Banks and how they have been ripping every one of with there mis-selling of Financial products, fixing of interest rates and generally causing the worldwide economical and financial problems, it is about time that all these banks and financial institutions are investigated and brought to task. ( Rant Over).

Oh well on with the day, Today I take my 15 mg of Prednisolone after taking 0 mg Yesterday so hopefully I will have a bit more energy today. I have had a letter this morning from the Speech Therapist at the Turner Centre To phone and arrange the 6 monthly appointment to check my swallowing. It does not seem like it was on the 16th of december that I saw her and went from a puree diet on to the Soft lumps diet. I have come a long way since then.

The Turner Centre
Well not much has happened this morning, it has been very uneventful, apart from the fact that I cannot stop wanting to eat. I managed to take a slow stroll pushing the wheelchair round to Tesco Express and got some bread and also some bacon, and made a nice Bacon sandwich for lunch, followed by a yoghurt and a cup of Coffee and at 2.30 had a slice of bread and jam. Yum Yum. Anyway once lunch was over I had a lie down and then had a look on line and see that they are running free family events at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard today for Armed Forces Day. Unfortunately I am unable to get down there, which is a shame as both my Paternal and Maternal families were Royal Navy.

 Well the afternoon has passed without any problems and I have now got to finish this journal and get it Posted before getting the Vegetable into the steamer ready for getting dinner at 6.30. tonight it will be a nice piece of Sea Bass with a Cauliflower and Broccoli cheese bake and new potato,s all home cooked and the fish is fresh so should be tasty.

Hopefully the weather has been good for the olympic torch relay today. the Relay is now onto day 43 and is going from Derby to Birmingham. the first photo shows War Hero Johnson Beharry carrying the torch through the National Memorial Arboretum at Alrewas in Staffordshire
The National Arboretum

And in the next photograph we can see "Tracy Round" carrying the Torch past Tamworth Castle
Tamworth Castle
So that is about it for Today, the last journal for June 2012 and tomorrow we start off in July so I will say a cheery goodbye until tomorrow and leave you with todays "Day in History" for 1953


  1. You've come a long way Frank my lad, lets see if you can get too crunchy stuff one day. I have trouble with lettuce, and skins like tomatoes and would you believe it cherries!

    I enjoy the blog; especially since I deactivated my Facebook account today, got signed up for some group with no would you like or anything. Not British!

  2. oh my dog , Frank, I have been on zero prednisone today accidently forgot to take my 7.5 this morning, it felt awful, NO energy, I can't imagine how it is to go between 15 and zero, that is brutal. He is doing mine much slower thank goodness.
    You were awfully cute in 1956, and I love the flares at your wedding.

  3. Hi Christine, You make sure you keep in touch via this blog then if you have kicked facebook into touch. I enjoy reading your blog as well so we will have some contact. I always find it hard when I first taper but it eases after a couple of weeks, Eating seems to be going OK
    Take Care.