Monday, June 11, 2012

Even heavier rain today

And so another Monday dawns with even more Rain, of course the good news is that it is supposed to improve as the week progresses. Not only is the British weather in the news so is the Prime Minister David Cameron. It was announced today that he and his wife left their 8 year old daughter behind in a pub after a Sunday lunch and only realized when they got home and she was not with them. And he is running our country.!!!!!.

Raining on Jo
 I had another good nights sleep last night, woke about 6.30 this morning  and got out of bed at 7.00 and went into the lounge to watch the morning news on TV while I had my coffee and waited for Jo the carer to arrive. Jo came at 8.30 and was not happy with all the rain, especially as she cycles from client to client, anyway I make her a nice hot cup of tea and while it is cooling she gets me washed and groomed and then she sits and has her tea and we chat for 15 minutes and then she is on her way.

Water Shortage ???
Once Jo has gone I text Pauline to let her know all is OK. Pauline is going up to Downton with Gordon today to help him and she phones to say the journey up is horrendous with very heavy rain and a lot of spray on the roads. Many roads in this area have been closed due to flood,s, our victorian drain system cannot take the excessive rainfall we are having, and there are still "Drought" orders in place here in the South of England ???

Gervase also Phones to say he has been to the St Mary,s Walk in Medical unit as he has been feeling unwell for a few days, He has had blood tests and checks etc and it seems he has picked up a case of "Norovirus" so he has booked a couple of days of work and has gone home to rest. Trouble is he is stuck on a train for 4 hours a day. 2 hours each way traveling to and from work so can pick up all kinds of viruses.

Lasagna from Asda
Well the time is getting on and it is now 12.30. at 1.00 o'clock I will get myself some lunch, and today I am going to have a small "Asda" Lasagna, these are only small children,s meals but are just right for me as a small lunch, and makes a change from soup and tinned fish and then I will have my Salmon with 3 veg for dinner at 6.00 this evening.

So now I will have to think about getting the Lasagna in the oven and then I can have lunch and spend an hour or two this afternoon doing family History Research but before I do either of those I will just check to see how the Olympic Torch Relay is doing up in Scotland. It is day 24 today and the Torch is going from Stornoway to Aberdeen, at least the weather is better up there today according to the weathermen.
An early start for the Torch Relay today, as a lone piper plays as Kirsty Wade runs into the Callanish Standing stones at Sunrise.
"Callanish Standing Stone Circle" 
Well thats Lunch over and done with, it is now 1.30 so an hour or so on the laptop with family history before I get this journal finished.

Well here we are at 3.00 pm, the rain is still coming down it has not stopped all day and is set to last into the night, Must get ready for the Soccer on TV this afternoon. England are playing France in their first match in the European championships,and the program starts at 4.00 pm on ITV. so I need to get this Journal finished and Posted before that starts. I enjoyed my lunch and got a bit more Family History done so pleased with that.
Here we see the Olympic Torch at Inverness Castle with the crowd gathered beneath the statue of Flora MacDonald who hid Bonnie Prince Charlie after the battle of Culloden and took him to safety on the "Isle of Skye"
The Olympic Torch at Inverness Castle
So that is about it for today, off to get the washing up done and prepare the vegetables for dinner before the Soccer program starts on TV at 4.00. So I will say Bye Bye until tomorrow and leave you with todays "Day in History" from 1509.

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  1. Really, Camerons left the kid behind, you'd get your kid apprehended if you were poor and did that here/ But makes you wonder doesn't it!