Friday, June 1, 2012

The Start of the Jubilee.

And here we are at the start of another Month. where is the time going to, only another 20 days and we will be at the Summer Solstice, The longest day of the year. Had another great day yesterday and slept pretty we;ll last night and woke at 6.30 and thought " Oh Dear here we go with the Methotrexate again, However to day marks the start of the Jubilee Weekend celebrations, At 10.15 HMS Diamond escorted by HMS Raider and HMS Blazer, 4 Naval Helicopters and the RNLI Life boat "Alfred albert williams" fired a 21 Gun Salute as they past the Royal Naval War Memorial on Southsea Common, I could not be there to see it but Pauline went down and sent me some Photo,s she took. the one below shows the 21 Gun Salute taking Place.
HMS Diamond firing the 21 Gun Salute off Southsea Seafront this Morning
Methotrexate day
well the morning regime passed ok as it always does, Jo the carer came at 8.30 and I then had breakfast and took the dreaded Methotrexate so now it is just a case of resting and letting the Medication does what it always does and that is make me feel "yucky" for a day or two but it will pass by late Saturday early Sunday and then I will be ready as always for the next week. Once I have checked out facebook and also the emails including the Photo,s Pauline sent I then check to see how the Olympic Torch Relay is Progressing. It is onto Day 14 today and the torch is going from Bolton to Liverpool.
The Olympic Torch in Victoria Square, Bolton.
The Torch left Victoria Square, Bolton to start its Journey to Liverpool today where it was cheered on its way by a large crowd that had been gathering since the early hours. And the crowds turned out in there hundreds as it made its way along the route today.
Thousands gather to welcome the torch along the Sefton Coast
 well the time is pushing on and it is time for lunch, today I am having a couple of crisp bread with a small tin of Mackerel  fillets in Sunflower oil. lots of omega 3 in those, I had them with a nice cup of tea and followed it up with a blueberry Yoghurt. 

My happy Neurologist
I had the letter through from the Cardiology department to say that they had received the transmission of my recorded ECG sent to them on Sunday via the "Medtronic Link" and there was nothing of concern showing up so I would get a letter soon detailing the next transmission date, I also had a letter from my Neurologist to say my next appointment with him has been booked for the end of September.
The weather has been very dull today, there has been patches of Sunshine but it has been mainly very dull although the temperature is still holding up. I think the best of the weather at the moment is up towards central England and towards the north, looking at the pictures of the olympic Torch Relay, but as I am in all day today it does not really bother me.
Well there we are then the time has just turned 3.00 and it is time for a cat nap for an hour before Gervase phones at 4.30 0n his way home from work, he works over at Haywards Heath and travels to work and back by Train, He always rings to see how I am when he is on the way from the office to the Railway Station.
Haywards Heath where my son Gervase Works
So before I go I will add Todays "Day in History" which is for the 1st June 1495. it is quite appropriate for this Jubilee weekend celebrations.

 Well it is now time to get this Journal Posted so until tomorrow I will say.....................

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