Thursday, June 28, 2012

A very Warm Shopping Thursday.

Where is it
I have looked everywhere, Under the bed, In the cupboard, Behind the TV, even looked out in the back garden And I cannot find it, I even phoned the Police and Fire brigade and they have no idea where it could be. I am at the end of my Tether, I just do not know what to do next. If it carry,s on like this I just hope the stress does not bring on another flare, I suppose there is only one thing left to do and that is to have another search of the house and see if I can find it

The Lost Hour
It Happened about 6.00 am this morning, I woke up and as usual went to the bathroom, then decided as my throat was dry I would make a coffee and take back to bed and watch a little bit of TV in bed before getting up. Anyway put the bed into a sitting position and put on the TV Breakfast news and got into bed with the coffee, absolute bliss. Next thing I know it is 7.30, TV is still on and the cup of coffee is cold, so Where did that hour Go." I have Lost an hour of my Day."

Text to Pauline
Well there we are then folks hope that brightened your day, if it did then I am glad, if it did not then "I Must try Harder" as my old school master would say. anyway up at 7.30 and in to the Lounge with a "HOT" cup of coffee and watch the TV News until Jo arrives at 8.20, and I am glad to say she has no snails on her bike today. Anyway I show her the cartoon I did yesterday and she thought it was quite good, she has a busy day today so she soon has me washed and groomed and is then on her way to her next client, I get myself some wheatabix for breakfast and then send a text to Pauline to let her Know all is ok Here.

Must have a shave
Pauline phones back about 9.30 to say that she will book a taxi at 11.00 to come and collect me and then we can go down to the city centre so I can do a couple of bits and pieces down there and then we can go to Morrisons to do the food shopping and gordon has a day off today so he will meet us down at morrisons about 12,30 and then we can have some lunch and he will then run us back to my place. so i check out facebook and e-mails until 10.30 and then have a shave and get dressed ready for when pauline arrives.

Sausage bap for Lunch
Yum Yum
Pauline arrives at 11.10 and we are off down to commercial road. I go to the bank and then have a walk pushing the wheelchair up to the end of the precinct and Pauline then pushes me the rest of the way to Morrisons. Once at Morrisons we start the shopping and gordon arrives at about 12.05. we get the shopping done and then decide to have a snack it is about 12.40. Gordon has a Bacon Bap, I have a Sausage Bap and Pauline has "posh" Prawn Sandwiches and we each have a coffee. once we have finished we load the shopping in the car and Gordon drives us home.

Pauline and Gordon
Homeward bound
Once we get home, we get the shopping and wheelchair indoors and then I make some coffee and we sit around and have a chat until 2.30 when Gordon and Pauline make there way home, and I make another coffee and then decide to get this Journal written. I had an update from the Estate agent today  and the Flat that I want to move into will be ready for me on the 4th August, as it is going to be redecorated and have new carpet,s in all rooms so that will be OK, just need to get it all sorted and moved which will make life a lot easier and more comfortable for me.

So the time is pushing so I am just going to check see how the Olympic torch relay is progressing, it seems to be going ok and today it is on day 41 and is on the way from Lincoln To Nottingham ( Robin Hood Country) The weather is not very kind to the runners today as the first Photo shows. There is torrential rain and thunderstorms on the way from Edwinstowe to Mansfield
Running in a Torrential Downpour
And in the next Photo could that be Robin Hood and Maid Marion welcoming the torch as it Passes through Sherwood Forest and stops in front of the Major Oak Tree
The torch at sherwood Forest
Sahara Sand
I noticed this morning after we had a short rain shower that all the cars in the road had a light layer of sand on them looking on the met office website it appears that late last week there was a large Dust storm in the Sahara desert and a large amount of sand and dust was swept up into the atmosphere. That dust cloud spread out into the atlantic before getting caught up in the southerly winds and being dragged over the UK and getting caught up in the humid and warm air which has brought Thunderstorms and heavy rain across the UK today. and to think I blamed it all on Pauline.

Well on that note I think it is time to run and hide until tomorrow, so I will leave you all with a cheerful Tatty bye and here is todays "Day in History" from 1919

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