Friday, June 15, 2012

is it still raining.

Methotrexate Day
Well it is not raining at the moment, Just woke up at 6.30 not a bad nights sleep, went to bed about 11.00 last night, woke once at 4.00 but apart from that slept not to badly. and so another "Freaky Friday" is upon us, after the way I felt yesterday, taking methotrexate with the Yucky feeling that follows is the last thing I need today, but hopefully the fact that I was on the 15 mg Prednisolone yesterday will help.

One thing that is in my favour today, is that it seems that we missed the worst of the rain  here in Portsmouth last night and the weather today is not to bad. The forecast for today is for a cloudy day with some sharp showers and a few sunny spells as you can see from the Photograph below.
 It is amazing that with all the rain and floods that we have been having here in the UK this year it seems that Portsmouth has got of with less rain than most, I can only think that the reason is that we have the Solent and the Isle of Wight to the South of us and Portsdown Hill and the Southdown,s to the North of Us and that Portsmouth  is surrounded on 3 sides by Water. this has the affect of lifting the clouds Higher as they approach Portsmouth.
I have taken two Photo,s courtesy of "Google Maps" of The views from Portsdown Hill Road, The first is looking South from the top of Portsdown hill over Portsmouth with the Isle of Wight on the Horizon and the Second looking North from the same spot with the Southdown,s National Park on the horizon. I have driven along this road many times in the winter with Snow or rain falling on the north side of the road and clear fine and dry to the south. it is a weird Phenomenon.
Photo One: looking South over Portsmouth. Isle of Wight on the Horizon
Photo Two: looking North with the South downs on the Horizon.
Bacon and Cheese Potato skins. 
Well so far so good today after Jo the carer had been and I spoke to Pauline, I got some wheatabix for breakfast and took the Methotrexate. Next thing on the agenda is to check the emails and then see who is around on Facebook. once that is completed I decide that I will spend an hour or so on the family history research and then it will be time to get some lunch about 1.00 For a treat today I have got a pack of 4 Cheese and bacon Potato skins from Asda so I am going to have those today and see how I get on with them, I used to enjoy them but have not had then for at least 2 years.

Those were Excellent and went down a treat with a glass of "Ribena", so now I am ready for a bit of TV Time. so far today I have felt pretty good although I have not done much, it seems that the fridays after the Thursday that I take the 15 mg of Prednisolone i s better than if it is after the Thursday I take the 2 mg of Prednisolone, oh well thats life I suppose.
The film on TV that I will watch this afternoon is "The Four Feathers" a 1939 Movie starring John Clements and Ralph Richardson.
The Four Feathers 1939
That was an excellent film, I do like having the time to watch the old movies, well the weather is holding up pretty well here, there has been a few showers but not to many and they were only short bursts and not that heavy, One thing that I am looking forward to is Sunday as I am going down to have dinner with My Son Gervase and Leanne my lovely Daughter -in-law. It should be a nice afternoon as Leanne,s mum "Elaine" will be there and also her Dad "Dave".

So It is now approaching 3.30 and it is time for me to go and have a lie down before Pointless 5.15. it has not been a bad day, feeling a bit bloated after eating those four loaded Potato skins so must make sure I have a smaller dinner this evening. so before I go for my lie down I will check to see how the Olympic torch relay is going today. It is on Day 28 Today and is going from Alnwick to Newcastle. Alnwick is the home of the Castle featured in the "Harry Potter" films.
The Torch starting out this Morning from Alnwick
It was Raining up in the North today but that did not deter the crowds from turning out to cheer the torch as it was carried between Hartford and Blyth by Barbara Gorton.
Barbara Gorton carries the Torch between Hartford and Blyth.
So that is about it for the day then, at the moment although it is Cloudy the sun is shinning off and on here so that is quite pleasant, anyway It is time for my lie down so I will end today with Todays "Day in History" from 1215 and say Adios until Tomorrow.

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  1. Oh those potato skins look so GOOD,all the best with freaky FRiday, I'm glad it wasa high pred day at least; sun here today.