Saturday, June 23, 2012

A so-so Saturday

I cannot believe that it is nearly a year since I started to write my daily journal, never in a month of Sundays did I imagine that I would still be writing it a year later. I wrote the first post on the 2nd of July 2011 and I have only missed 5 days and those were days that I spent in Hospital 1 day in January this year and 4 days in February when I had my Reveal Monitor fitted in my chest, so I will have to think of a special anniversary edition to publish on the Second of July this year.

To Mark the anniversary of my Daily journal I will be increasing my efforts to make people aware of this crap disease and will be looking at making an animation to tell the story of Myositis and its effect on peoples lives. and also hopefully finish the interactive DVD I started last year but that got shelved due to lack of time. This will be available free from my new website that is under construction "Myositis Awareness"

Example Slides

Right now back to the present time. Not such a good nights sleep last night but that tends to happen on occasions, certainly on " Methotrexate Fridays" anyway woke up at about 3.30 and then just dozed on and off until I decided to get up and make a coffee at 7.30 and go into the lounge ready for when Jo the carer arrives. The weather is not to bad today here in Portsmouth but the forecast is for Rain this evening and rain and Gale force winds tomorrow morning. anyway her is how Portsmouth is looking today at 10.30 this morning.
Portsmouth at 10.30 this Morning
 Jo arrives as usual at 8.30 and soon has me washed and groomed and is on her way and I get some breakfast, Pauline phones and we have a chat and then Gervase phones to check all is OK. and then I decide to spend the morning going through my family History  Archive material and bring my online family tree up to date, with the recent marriages. i have a load of Census forms and various certificates to get cataloged and filed away and I need to get it all sorted and scanned within the next week or two.
Well that was a productive morning and I got a fair bit completed and now it is time to get some lunch and then a nice rest for the rest of the day as the legs ache a bit now. so have some lunch and a nice coffee and then I am going to watch a film on TV that starts at 2.00 pm it is a 1991 Movie called " The Good Policeman" starring Ron Silver.

Well It is not a bad movie but I need to get this Journal finished and posted so it is time to check on the Olympic torch Relay to see how that is progressing today, hopefully they will have better weather than yesterday. it is Day 36 today and it is traveling from "Lytham St Anne's to Manchester" It looks like the weather is wet and windy again today as Alice kelly starts todays relay at Lytham St Anne's
Alice kelly is all smiles as she runs with the Torch
And the weather has not improved much as Jason Eade carries the torch through the crowds in Preston.
Jason Eade with the Torch in Preston

Well Saturday is passing along OK, not feeling to yucky this weekend after the Friday Methotrexate, so hopefully tomorrow we will be on the up again, You would have thought I would have got used to it by now, still the good thing is the affects of the methotrexate are not as bad as when I first started on them and they are doing the job so can't really complain. " yes I can "

Ok so now it is time for a lie down and a cat nap so I will say Tatty bye until tomorrow and leave you all with todays "Day in History" from 1612.

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