Monday, June 4, 2012

Is It summer Yet ?

Chilly Today
And a very good Morning to you all, well it is the 4th of June today and I thought it was supposed to be Summertime, perhaps my Calendar has been misprinted as the temperature and the weather is certainly not what you would expect this time of the year, it is more like Autumn.
Portsmouth Harbour this morning.
This is how Portsmouth is looking at 8.30 this morning, very cold and dull although it is not raining so that is a plus.
Morning Coffee
Had a decent nights sleep and woke about 7.15. got up at 7.30 and into the lounge with the morning coffee and Breakfast News on TV. Jo the carer arrives at 8.30 and soon has me washed and groomed ready for the day ahead, and then once she is gone I get some "Alpen Porridge" for breakfast and then Text Pauline.
Pauline phones back to say that all is OK, and they may pop in and see me later on but they will let me know for certain later on during the day.
Once Pauline has spoken to me I get on to Facebook and check who is about and then check emails, I then start the Daily Journal as I am Going out with Gervase, Leanne, and Leanne,s mum Elaine for Lunch later today so will be a bit short of time. As far as I know we will be going to the Goose at the V&A, in Albert Road, Southsea,
The Goose at the V&A at Albert Road.
Todays Olympic Torch Relay is from "Carrick-a-Rede" Rope Bridge to "Londonderry" and today is Day number 17 out of 70 so only 53 days to go. The torch visits Portsmouth on day 58. however the Torch leaves this Morning from the Rope Bridge and then travel to the "Giants Causeway"
Carrick-a-Rede Rope bridge.
I have just had a Phone call from Gervase and he is collecting me for lunch at 12.45 so as it is now 11.30 I will have to go and start getting sorted out so that I am all ready by 12.30. I have just checked the local news website and found this Photo of the Crowd of People who attended the "Big Lunch" street party organised by Portsmouth city Council in the Guildhall Square yesterday, an they also showed the live coverage of the "Thame,s Pageant" on a big screen.
Part of the crowd at the Guildhall Jubilee party yesterday.
 Well Gervase arrives to collect me at 1.30 (late again Gervase) and he drives me down to the "Goose at the V&A" once we get there Leanne and Elaine have just arrived. anyhow it was a nice three hours sat there chatting and having a spot of Lunch and then he takes me back home via the sea front and we arrive back home about 4.45. He drops me off and then is off to collect Leanne from Elaine,s.
Back to the Daily Journal and here is the Olympic Torch on The Giants Causeway in County Antrim.
The Olympic torch at the Giants Causeway
The Picture below now shows the Olympic torch in a eight man coxed Rowing boat on the River Bann in coleraine, being cheered on by the crowds thronging the old bridge
in a Rowing boat at the old bridge across the River Bann
Australia and New Zealand light their Beacons.
So the time is now pressing on and I need to get this Journal posted and get ready for the Jubilee Concert from "Buckingham Palace" which is being shown live on BBC1 at 7.30 tonight it is going to be a late night tonight as it does not finish until 10.45. and also we have the countrywide lighting of the Beacons.  the Beacons have already started to be lit across the commonwealth with Australia and New Zealand being the fist to light their beacons.

There has been a Picnic in the Grounds of Buckingham Palace for ticket holders of tonight,s Concert. The tickets were issued by a national ballot. 
The Ticket Holders at Buckingham Palace earlier today.
The Stage itself is set outside the gates of Buckingham Palace at the Head of the Mall, and already there are thousands of people waiting in the Mall to watch the concert on the stage and also on the Giant screens set up along the Mall.
The Diamond Stage
The diamond stage for the Diamond Jubilee. It has just been announced that the "Duke of Edinburgh will not be at the Jubilee Concert as he has been admitted to Hospital for observations  with a Bladder infection. although The Queen and other royals will still be at the concert.
Well that is about it for today. it is now 5.50 so time to put up todays "Day in History" for the 4th of June 1940 and to get this journal Posted and have a nap for an Hour before the Concert Starts , so until tomorrow I will say Bye Bye.

Day in History 4th June 1940 "Dunkirk"

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