Saturday, June 2, 2012

Celebration Saturday

So we wake today to the start of the Queens Diamond Jubilee Celebrations across the United Kingdom. It is 60 years ago today that that Princess Elizabeth Came to the Throne and became Queen Elizabeth The II. at least although the weather started off dull at least the sun has made brief appearances throughout the morning before the rain that is coming in from the West reaches us about 7.00 pm this evening.

Telephone Outage
Another decent nights sleep last night, woke about 6.45 this morning and laid around until about 7.45. Got up and made the coffee and went into the lounge to await Jo the carer. Jo arrives about 8.30 and when she went to use the house phone to log in it would not work. apparently there was major problems around the country with Phone line not working and this was not fixed until around 11.00 am. I thought it was a problem with Sky Talk but it seems it was also a problem with BT, and other Phone providers, the cell phones worked Ok it was land lines that were down.

Jo soon had me Washed and Groomed and then she was on her way, I got some wheatabix for breakfast and then sent the morning text to Pauline, Thank goodness for Mobile phones. Pauline phones me back on her mobile as she has trouble with her phone too and she is with BT. anyway I check the live webcam at the harbour and this is how the weather looks at 8.00 this morning.
Portsmouth Harbour at 8.00 am this Morning
Do I Stress 
It is not a good day today, I think the effects of the Methotrexate is starting to catch up with me, anyway I will take it easy today and just rest, I check all the emails and then have a look on facebook to catch up with everyone, and then watch a couple of episodes of "Little House on the Prairie". it is soon approaching 1.00 and time for lunch, I have a couple of Crisp bread with some Egg Mayonnaise and a nice cup of tea, well I certainly feel better now than I did earlier, It was probably a mix of the Methotrexate and the phone not working as I find I stress out over the little things that once I used to take in my stride.

It is now getting on for 2.00 and i have just gone out to see how the decoration of the "Street" is going ready for the street party to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee. The Residents have been out putting up the flags and decorating the road ready the Street Party. it is hard to see but the bunting is across the road all the way down and many people have decorated the house fronts as well.
Getting ready for the Street Party
As you can see from the Photograph above, the weather is a lot brighter now than it was at 8.00 this morning.
I am now going to check on the progress of the Olympic Torch Relay. It is day 15 today and is going from Liverpool to Castletown on the Isle of Man. The flame was flown over this morning from Liverpool by British airways on the Plane "Firefly" painted in the special colours for the Olympic Torch.
British Airways Firefly
 As well as the Runners "Running" with the torch it also traveled by other forms of transport. As You probably know every year in June the Motorcycle Tourist Trophy Races are held in the Isle Of Man (IOM TT Races) so it was only natural that the Olympic Torch was taken on a Racing Motorcycle.
The torch on a TT Motorcycle in Douglas.
 The other mode of transport that was used today was the horse drawn trams that travel up and down Douglas sea front.
The crowds and Tram at Douglas sea front.
Well it is now 3.00 and the 1982 film "Annie" starring Aileen Quinn, Albert Finney, and Carol Burnett has just started on Gold + 1 so I am going to have an afternoon of Nostalgic film watching, 
1982 Film "Annie"

Well that is it for today so i will just put up the "Day in History" for today, now the most obvious was the Coronation on 2nd of June 1953, but I have decided to go for the 172nd anniversary of the birth of Thomas Hardy on the 2nd June 1840 and so until tomorrow I will say Tatty Bye.

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