Thursday, June 21, 2012

The summer Solstice

I woke up from a good nights sleep
The rain I did not see
I slept right through, I did not wake
Not even for a Pee.

So there you go, the start of summer as today is "Midsummers Day" and true to form for the british weather it "Rains", Not so much here in Portsmouth but there are parts of the  country that have some really heavy downpours and it is set to last until after the weekend. Here is a Photograph taken from the live webcam at 10.00 am this morning showing the grey rain clouds over Portsmouth. 
Portsmouth Harbour on a miserable Thursday at 10.00 am.
Well here we are then Up and in the lounge waiting for Jo the carer to arrive, Jo arrives at 8.30 and soon has me washed and groomed and ready for another busy day ahead. Once Jo is on her way I get some porridge for breakfast and then send the text to Pauline and also send a text to Leanne as it s her Birthday today.

Body shop
Pauline Phones back about 9.45 She has been up to the doctors this morning for blood tests and then at 11.00 she has to be up at the Car repair company for an estimate for the repair for her car bodywork, after another car damaged it while it was parked outside her house. The person that hit her car let her know so it is a simple insurance claim so that is OK, it is not a lot of damage so should not take long, just waiting for the Insurance company to give the go ahead.
Gordon and Pauline take the car up to Farlington to the Body shop and then Gordon Drops Pauline off here on the way home at about 11.30. Gordon and Pauline come in for a coffee and then he will drop me and Pauline off at Asda in Fratton so I can get my shopping.
Amanda is back next week
While we are sat having a coffee there is a knock at the door and Surprise, Surprise it is Amanda my carer from the Previous care agency. She is starting with the care Agency I am now with in a weeks time and she will be returning as my Carer. That is good news as I got on well with Amanda and she was my carer for almost a year so that will be nice to have her back again.

Asda at Fratton
Amanda stayed chatting to me, gordon and Pauline for about 30 min,s and then she is on her way and Gordon then runs me and Pauline + the wheelchair down to Asda at Fratton so that we can get the shopping done, I am starting to dislike shopping at Asda. While in Asda I see one of checkout Girls (Angie)  that I used to work with at B&Q. she is shopping in Asda with her daughter, we have a chat and then carry on getting the bits that Pauline and I need. Once we have what we want we go and pay at the Checkout and then Phone for a Taxi to take us home.
Todays Lunch.
Once we are home I make a coffee and we have a coffee and some Corned Beef and Crispbread for lunch. it was very tasty, once we have finished I phone for a Taxi to take Pauline home and then once Pauline has left I make another coffee and settle down with the Laptop to catch up on the emails and facebook, and then to get this Journal written.

The time is Pushing on now and we are getting rain showers and sunny periods so not to bad seeing as I am not going out in it, at least it stayed dry when we went shopping at Asda. anyway the time in now 3.40 and I am going to check to see how the Olympic torch Relay is progressing today.
The Relay is on day 34 today and is going from Dumfries to Bowness-on-Windermere in the lake district. The Photograph shows the Olympic torch making its way through Dumfries watched by a very large crowd

So there we go then that is about as exciting as my day has got today, it will soon be time to think about preparing dinner, tonight I am having a nice slow cooked Pork loin steak with New Potato,s, Cauliflower and Sprouts and Gravy, this will be followed by Mango in Custard and a nice cup of Tea. now I feel hungry so must go and eat a mars bar LOL. anyway time for my afternoon lie down so I will say Tatty bye until tomorrow and the dreaded Methotrexate and leave you with todays "Day in History" that has a Canadian flavour  about it.

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  1. OH HOW NICE! I never hear that phrase used here Midsummer's Day, probably because here it is called the first day of summer. WE have sun today, I really think we are playing ping-pong with the rain, Frank.