Friday, June 8, 2012

Methotrexate Friday "Again"

Well Morning people. I won't say good morning as it is not. I got woken at 4.30 this morning with the wind howling around the House, and could not get back to sleep at all, got out of bed at 7.00 to make a coffee and went into the lounge to watch the morning news. The weather here to day is not very nice with gale force winds predicted to last all day and into the evening. Here is how Portsmouth looked at 7.40 am this morning.

Portsmouth at 7.40 this morning
Gale force winds
Just lazed around in the recliner until 8.45 when Jo the carer turns up. She is busy again today and does not like this weather one little bit as it is not nice cycling in these strong winds. Anyway she gets me washed and groomed and is then off to her next client and I get dressed and get some Wheatabix for breakfast. Once I have finished breakfast I Text pauline and she phones back to say all is OK and then I take my 15 mg of Methotrexate. Once that is all done I then just relax in the armchair and watch a bit of TV and play around on Facebook. It is not a good day for me today as I think the lack of sleep last night, The tapering of the Prednisolone and the Methotrexate is making me feel very "Yucky today".

I will be keeping this Journal short today " Hooray I here you all cry " I had an estate agent round today regarding my move and am waiting on a phone call from my solicitor, also Pauline came in to see me today and, my freezer packed up so she gave me a hand to get it outside the house " good job it is a small freezer" anyway The Solicitor just phoned so that is ok and now I am going to call it a day.
The olympic torch is on day 21 of its journey and is going from Stranraer to Glasgow. and here we see the torch at the start outside of the Towns medieval Tower.
The start of day 21 at Stranraer.
The second picture from todays olympic torch relay is showing some of the spectators eagerly awaiting the Torch outside the "Robert Burns" cottage in Alloway.
Waiting for the torch to arrive outside Robert Burns Cottage. Alloway
And last of all here is the "Day in History" for Today. This is from the 8th June 793.
well thats it for today folks, sorry its such a short one today but the day has caught up with me and I am going to try and have a lie down and hopefully a nap for an hour or so. I will be back tomorrow hopefully in a better frame of mind, so until then Tatty Bye. 

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