Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Changeable Wednesdays Weather (Again)

Without Prejudice
And here we go again on the merry go round of life or more to the point the great british weather and the quirkiness of our ever growing claim Culture, It was one of the articles in the morning paper that made me think that the world is going Bonkers,  It seems that there a a person who runs an outside tourist attraction in Wales who is thinking about claiming compensation from the weather forecasters for telling people that there is a possibility of rain therefore putting people of visiting his attractions and therefore losing him money.

A Good nights sleep
Well back to the sanity of my flat. It was a good evening round with Gervase and Leanne and also Leanne,s dad "Dave" yesterday evening and got home about 9.30, once indoors I phoned Pauline and let her know I was home safe and sound then had a nice coffee, watched the 10.00 News and then went to bed, Listened to the radio until midnight and then off to sleep until 8.30 this morning. So a good nights sleep, My digestive system has settled down after the Fish fingers, Chips and Baked beans at morrisons yesterday lunchtime, I will never learn but it was worth it so anyway got up and made a coffee and took back to bed until 9.00 when I text pauline and then make some porridge for breakfast.

Misty enjoyed her morning walk
Once I have finished Breakfast I make a nice cup of tea and then Pauline phones from Southsea Common, she is out walking misty and it is sunny at the moment but a bit of a breeze coming in off the sea, She is OK but did not sleep very well as she has a lot on her mind at the moment anyway we have a chat and then she is going to be making her way back home so once we have finished talking I get dressed and then check out emails and facebook on the laptop.

Leave my cheese
alone Frankie
Once I have checked out the bits on the computer I get myself up and take a walk round to the tesco express to get the morning paper, The weather was brighter earlier on with some sunshine and blue skies but it seems to be starting to cloud over now and it looks like it will probably be a few spots of rain later on, anyway once I have the paper I make my way back home and settle down with the paper and a coffee for half an hour and get the crossword done and then watch a bit of daytime TV until 1.00 when I get a couple of slices of cheese on toast for lunch, and very tasty it is too.

My Windows are cleaned
after I have had my lunch I decide that I need to go for a lie down for an hour and have a cat nap which is nice as I just lie on the bed listening to the radio for an hour and cat nap on and off, After about 50 minutes I get up and prepare the Potato and Sprout,s ready to have with a roast chicken joint for dinner tonight and then go into the lounge with a cup of tea to get todays journal done. As I am doing this my window cleaner arrives to clean the windows, they come once a month and clean the front and rear windows and the front and rear door windows as well so that is a good job done.

well I must say that today has been a nice peaceful and restful day. I have watched a little bit of TV, Listened to some interesting radio, and had a nice little cat nap, had a nice walk to get my morning Paper and kept away from all the political spin over Margaret Thatchers Funeral. I have a nice text from Leanne and a nice chat with Gervase on the phone this evening so as it is now almost 5.00 and Pointless starts at 5.15 I will get this journal Posted for today and will be back tomorrow with the Thursday shopping Edition so until tomorrow I will say au revoir.

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