Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Its another restful Wednesday

Me Visiting Gervase
and Leanne
Good morning one and all and Welcome to another Wednesday, well it was a good evening last night, after a pleasant day out in the fresh air yesterday with Pauline down around Albert Road, I then spent a couple of hours down with Gervase and leanne at there place yesterday evening, Leanne,s Dad "Dave" was there as well and he gave me a lift home about 9.15 so it really was a good day yesterday, but tiring so I am glad that today will be a day of rest.

My Morning Coffee
Well I had a decent nights sleep last night, once I had got home from seeing Gervase and Leanne, I phoned pauline and then made a coffee, Checked facebook and then off to bed at 11.00, Slept through from about 11.30 until 4.30 when I woke to use the Bathroom, and then back off to sleep until 7.30 when I got up and made a coffee before taking that back to bed  and listened to the Radio until 9.00 when I had a phone call from Pauline to say that she had just got up, looks like we both had lie in,s this morning,

The Morning Paper
Anyway Pauline,s Sister Fran is going to visit her today so Her husband "Colin" is going to come in to see me when takes Fran to Pauline,s so that will be a nice couple of hours so I decide that I had better get myself dressed and get some breakfast as it is now about 9.15 and Colin will probably be here between 10.15 and 10.30. so I get dressed and get a couple of slices of toast and marmalade for breakfast before going round to the paper shop to get the morning Paper.

Well the weather has turned dull again this morning so another cold day ahead. anyway while I am waiting for Colin I listen to the local radio and there is a interesting debate going on about the amount of Cold Callers on the phone these days trying to sell you different things, Well my solution is that I have all my family, friends and acquaintances programmed into my cell phone and my land line and it comes up with the callers name, if it is not one of those ringing I do not answer the phone, if it is someone with something important to say they will leave a voice mail or if on the land line will leave a message on my answering machine, it is surprising how the amount of cold callers has diminished since I stopped answering the calls.

Food for George
Colin arrives about 10.30 so I make a coffee for me and a cup of tea for colin and then we sit and have a nice chat. It is nice to see Colin and we get on well together, it is surprising how fast the time goes as before we know it, it is 12.30 and Colin has to go and see Pauline and Fran, once Colin has left I make a coffee and then settle down with the laptop to catch up on Emails and facebook and also to order some of the prescription food For Gervase and Leanne,s cat. It is a lot cheaper to order it on line than it is to purchase it from the vets, as it is a prescription food it is not sold in the normal pet stores.

Poached Eggs for lunch
Anyway come 1.30 it is time to think about lunch and I decide that I will have a couple of poached eggs on toast, these do not take long to do and they are very tasty so after Lunch I get the washing up done and then prepare the cauliflower ready for dinner tonight before having a cup of tea and going for a lie down for an hour. I do like my afternoon cat naps, anyway at 3.00 I get up and go back into the lounge to get todays Journal written.

well that was a nice enjoyable day, not a lot of excitement but relaxing after yesterday and gets me ready for a busy day shopping and paying household bills down the city centre tomorrow, so that is about it for today so as it is now 4.00 I will have an hour or two in front of the TV watching old repeats of "Last of the Summer wine" before having dinner at 6.00 pm, Tonight I will be having a jacket potato with butter and a nice fillet of Plaice with a cauliflower cheese. that should be tasty. anyway until tomorrow I will say ................

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