Saturday, April 6, 2013

The best of times, the worst of times

Not the best of days
Well here we are on another Saturday, and to tell you the truth I have had better Saturdays.
It was a very bad night last night, I had trouble sleeping in fact I hardly got to sleep at all, I think I must be having a reaction to the cold on Thursday when we were out shopping, so I am afraid todays Journal is going to be very short indeed.

A nasty Virus
I was kept awake most of the night by aching and painful Hips and a back ache, and also this morning I seem to have an upset stomach as well so not feeling up to much today I am afraid, anyway I just hope it is something that will pass in a couple of days and that I have not picked up a virus of any sort, anyway if it is no better by Monday I will contact the GP and if it gets any worse over the weekend I will phone the out of hours service.
Relaxing with the TV
 Well I stayed in bed until about 9.00 when I got up and made a coffee and some Porridge fro breakfast and took into the lounge, as I was having Breakfast Pauline phones so I let her know that I am not feeling well, she and Gordon have a chat and ask if I need anything but I have everything I need so that is Ok and I have not got to go out at all so will be staying indoors in the warm, anyway they tell me to phone if I need them to come round, I then finish breakfast and Phone Gervase and let him Know, he wants to come round but I am better off on my own to just keep warm and take it easy , I have all that I want here so anyway He also said to phone if I need help with anything,

On the phone to Pauline
and Gervase
Anyway one of my neighbours gets me a morning Paper so that was kind of them so I spend the morning just lazing in the recliner with lots of hot coffee and playing around on Facebook, I have taken a couple of paracetamol which has helped with the Muscle aches inn the hips and my Tummy seems to have settled down a bit now, At 12.00 I go for a lie down for an hour, Pauline phones to see how I am doing and Gervase also phones as well.

At 1.00 I get some chicken soup for lunch and then I just sit and doze on and off in the recliner listening to Classical music on the radio on Classic FM. At 3.00 I make a coffee and get this very short journal done for today. It is now 3.45 and I really do need to get this Journal posted and go for another lie down and take another couple of paracetamol and hopefully the evening will be a little bit better, so until tomorrow I will Post this journal and say Tatty bye.

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