Wednesday, April 24, 2013

foot loose and Fancy Free

Ah Morning Coffee
And so we go into Wednesday, a good Nights sleep last night and woke about 7.30 this morning, at least I can have a lie in this morning, at 8.00 I get up and make a coffee to take back to bed, where I switch on the radio and just have a nice peaceful hour listening to the Julian Clegg Show. I send a Text to Pauline at 8.30 t let her know I am OK, Pauline phones to say that her and gordon are just off to collect her sister Fran as they are Going to her Brothers  Funeral today. so I stay in bed until 9.30 when I decide I had better get up.

Well at least I am out of bed so that is a good start, the other good thing is I can have my Favourite breakfast of Gluten Free Chocolate stars, as I managed to get some on Sunday at Sainsburys so that is a bonus, so a dish of those and a coffee and into the lounge I go, I put on the TV to watch the end of "Heir Hunters" while I have my Breakfast.

Having a chat with an old workmate
Once I have had breakfast I get out the laptop and check out my emails and then log on to facebook to see who is around and also to play a few facebook games, what an exciting life I lead, however at 11.00 I decide that as the weather is not going to get any brighter I will go round and get my Morning Paper, before having a coffee.
Well I go round to get my Paper and some milk, it is a very dull day today compared to yesterday and a lot colder, anyway on the way back I see one of the lady,s I used to work with a few years ago, so we have a chat and then I head indoors to make a coffee and settle down to read the paper and get the crosswords done.

All Ready to Go
The morning has really gone by very fast and at 12.30 I have a Banana before deciding that I need to get myself read for my Podiatry appointment at Eastney Health Centre at 1.30, so I phone and book a taxi to collect me at 1.15 and go and get myself ready to go out. and at 1.10 the taxi arrives, and so in I get and off we go.

well we arrive at the Health Centre at 1.20 and so I have a 10 minute wait, sitting in the waiting room it is very quiet as there are only two other people there and all the help desks are closed as there lunch time is 12.30 to 1.30 although the community nurses and Physio,s, and Podiatry are still functioning. anyway the Podiatrist comes out to collect me at 1.30 on the dot, very punctual, It is not my normal Podiatrist "Ross" This time it is a lady Podiatrist, anyway we go into the treatment room where she works on my feet for 15 minutes, they feel so much better afterwards, and she wants me to make another appointment for 8 weeks, so a good visit.

So we now have happy feet So I go outside and Phone for a taxi to take me back home, and I am back indoors by 2.20. so it is now time for a spot of lunch so I have some scrambled egg with a couple of Gluten Free Crisp bread and then just check out facebook before going for a lie down at 3.30 until 4.00. It has been a good day so far so at 4.00 I make a "Gluten free" hot Chocolate and then fire up the laptop to get todays journal written and posted. I get a text from Pauline about 4.20 to say that they are back home and she is going for "40 winks" ( A cat nap), and then at 4.35 Gervase phones to make sure I am Ok. 

So not that exciting today but tomorrow it will be shopping down the city centre with Pauline so until tomorrows journal I will say Bye Bye 


  1. Funny enough I went for a podiatry appointment at 09.00hrs Yesterday they wanted me at 08.00 but I thought that waS a bit to early & I did;nt see my regular guy but a big coloured lady & now i've got two big plasters on my big toes

  2. Hi Mike. Yes 8.00 is way to early. I had a different Podiatrist today, hope your feet heal ok, I have had a plaster on once or twice when he goes overboard with the scalpel on the corns. Hope you are Ok.