Tuesday, April 23, 2013

off to the doctors today.

It is St George,s day today
St George is the Patron Saint of England

♪ ♪ Hi Ho Ho Ho ♪ ♪ 
♪ ♪ to the Doctors I will go ♪ ♪
♪ ♪ Will he know what is wrong with me ♪ ♪
♪ ♪ Hi Ho, Hi Ho ♪ ♪

Hello one and all and as you can probably tell I have an appointment with my GP today ref my Digestion and also the Aches/Pains in my upper legs/thighs/hips. one would think I was falling to pieces, and sometimes if I overdo the walking it certainly feels that way

It's too early.
Anyway that appointment is not until 10.30 so lets get back to the present time. I had a decent nights sleep last night and was asleep by 11.30.I woke once during the night for the bathroom and then slept through until 7.30, so almost 8 hours last night, which for me is pretty good, anyway as I have a 10.30 appointment with my GP I get myself out of bed and into the lounge by 8.30 with a coffee and some porridge for breakfast.

Nearly Ready
Once breakfast is over I phone Pauline and she has booked a taxi for 10.10 to come and collect me and then we will go to the Eastney Health Centre for my appointment with the doctor. so it is now 9.00 so I have 30 minutes to check out emails and facebook before I need to get into the bathroom and get ready for when Pauline comes. I get a wash, shave, and get dressed and am all ready by 10.00 and I then make a cup of tea, and at 10.10 I get a text from Pauline to say she is on the way here to collect me.

Pauline arrives at 10.15 and I get in the taxi and we are of to the doctors appointment. we arrive about 10.25 and once in the waiting room we only have a short wait before it is my turn to go in to see the doctor.
Eastney Health Centre. (Stock Photo)
Once in to see the doctor we first have a chat about my Digestion and Bowel Movements, I have been on long term Lactulose due to medication over the last 3 to 4 years including Diclofenac, Codeine and co-codamol  among others when I damaged my back in 2006 and then the medication with this Dermatomyositis which all seem to have constipation as a side effect, anyway since I have been tapering the Prednisolone and going Gluten free My Digestion Etc has seemed to improve, so I have been Laxative free for over 3 weeks now but still having some problems which I think is due to lack of Fibre as I still have some minor swallowing issues, so I have been prescribed a fibre supplement to take (Fybogel)  so hope that does the trick so that was a positive outcome

A healthy blood works.
The negative side to the visit was the problem with the walking and the Ache/pains in my  upper legs/Thigh,Hip and occasionally in the calf Muscles, The doctor does not think it is a lack of calcium and gave me a form to get blood works done to check for any Muscle inflammation  that might necessitate going back up on my Prednisolone as this [problem has only occurred and got worse since I dropped below 20 mg daily which was last Autumn. 

Once we are out of the doctors, we phone for a taxi and he takes us home, once indoors we get the wheel chair ready and then decide that as it is a nice day that we will go down to Asda at fratton to do the Tuesday shopping. I decide to walk to Fratton pushing the wheel chair and then when my legs have had enough Pauline will then push me, in actual fact taking it easy I manage to walk from Home to the bridge centre which pleases me and then Pauline only has to push me around the store to get the shopping. I take some photos along the way.
Fratton Railway Station
Goldsmith Avenue towards fratton bridge, Wait for me Pauline
Fratton Bridge Roundabout with Priory school 
Fratton Road towards the bridge centre from Fratton Bridge
Fratton Road looking North from the Bridge Centre.
Once we are at the bridge centre Pauline pops in to a charity shop to have a browse while I wait outside, and as you can see by the Photographs is is a nice sunny day with bright blue skies, anyway before we start the shopping we have a coffee and a couple of biscuits and then go and put my prescription for the Fybogel and also some Methotrexate into the Asda chemist so that we can collect the med,s after we have done the shopping.
A Happy Checkout Girl
we get around asda and get what we want once we are nearly finished Gordon arrives and takes over wheelchair duties. anyway we get the shopping finished . Pay for it, Get the medication from the Pharmacy department and then get the shopping and the wheelchair into the car and Gordon takes us back home.

A Nice cup of Tea
Once home ee get the shopping put away and then have a chat and coffee before Pauline and gordon head of home about 2.20. Once pauline and gordon have gone I make a coffee and then get the washing up done and prepare the potatoes for tonight,s dinner which will be boiled new buttered Potatoes with A Salmon fillet and a parsley sauce. however once that is all prepared I make a cup of tea and settle down to get this journal written and Posted for today, so until tomorrow and another visit to Eastney Health Centre  I will say Tatty Bye.

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