Sunday, April 14, 2013

Two years in the making. "at Last"

As the title say,s it has been two years in the making but at last today it came to fruition, "BUT" you will have to wait a little longer to find out what I am referring to.
Well glad to report that after a decent day and lots of rest yesterday, I had a good nights sleep and slept through from about 11.30 until about 8.00 this morning although I did have to get up at 4.00 am to go to the bathroom. and just to say at that time of the morning my aim is not good LOL.

Looking Good (LOL)
Well once I was awake at 8.00 I went and made a coffee and then went back to bed to listen to the local radio until 9. 15 when I send the text to Pauline and then stay in bed until about 9.45 when I thought that I really should get up and get myself washed and dressed as that takes me at least 30 minutes these days but at least I can do it and do not have to rely on a carer at the moment. after that I get some breakfast and take into the lounge with a coffee.

Checking out facebook
AsI am having breakfast Pauline phones to say that they have both has a lie in this morning as well. after I have spoken to Pauline I finish breakfast and then take a walk round to get the morning paper, before heading back home for a coffee and to settle down with the paper to get the crossword done and then on to the computer to check out my emails and also to see who is around on facebook and to catch up on some facebook games. although I have not been able to load up "words with friends" this last week as an advert comes up and seems to get stuck on screen so don't bother with that anymore.

Todays Lunch (2 years in
the making)
I am on the laptop until 1.30 when I decide that I will get some Lunch and today after nearly two years I have managed to eat a "Fried Egg Sandwich" crusts and all. "YES YES YES". you do not know how nice that felt When I think back over all my Chronic Dysphagia problems  over the last 2+ years It was a wonderful feeling, mind you will I suffer Tomorrow, "Who Knows" but if I do then Tough it will not take away the achievement of today. I put a lot of it down to finding a decent "Gluten Free" Loaf of Bread that I got from "Waitrose on Thursday" and also going Gluten free has helped with my digestion and also the work that was done with me by Dawn my Speech Therapist over the last couple of years.

The Genius "Gluten Free White loaf"
The Gluten free Loaf that I got from Waitrose was a "Genius" Gluten free white sliced loaf. I have been using the warburtons ones up to now and although they are a decent loaf, I found that for me they were to dry to eat without toasting, they were a very fry loaf, and although the Genius loaf from Waitrose was a little more expensive it was a lot softer and I could manage to eat it without having to toast it so a win win situation, I must however stress that it is only my opinion on the quality of the bread that I have used.

Preparing dinner
I must admit that I think that also going Gluten free has certainly helped with my digestion, I have been gluten free for a couple of months now and over that time I have changed my eating habits and certainly feel the benefits of not eating processed food,s. although it takes longer to prepare my meals using fresh ingredients, I have the time so that is not a problem for me, I can see that it could be for a person with a busier work/home life.
No more laxative

the biggest plus for me is that I am no longer reliant on a nightly dose of Laxative which I have been up to a week ago, although some of that could be the lowering of my medications. but am now almost back to Normal bowel movements. Now that,s a interesting piece of information you all wanted to know. LOL

Once I have wallowed in the delight of a fried egg Sandwich I have a yogurt, so back to the present and as it is now getting on I decide to get the vegetable prepared for tonight,s Salmon dinner and then settle down to watch the Movie "Ice Age 3 "Dawn of the Dinosaurs" this is followed by Charlotte's web and then Three men and a baby, so an afternoon and evening of watching easy to view movies and writing todays "Daily Journal"
Ice age 3 Dawn of the Dinosaurs 2009
Charlotte's web 2006
Three Men and a baby 1987
and so we approach the end of another incredible day in the life of Mr Dermatomyositis, there is no better feeling than when you get one over on him, although he is probably waiting round the corner with another surprise in store, but every one is a challenge and every challenge has a solution.

As I am writing this journal I receive a text from gordon with a couple of Photographs of Misty looking very bedraggled as she has just been given a bath so her we have a very wet and not impressed Misty
Wet "Not Funny"

Drier "I need a bigger towel"

Ah thats Better "Heat"

anyway it is now 4.45 so it is time to make a coffee and get todays Journal posted and then I have an hour before I put on tonight,s dinner to cook ready to eat at 6.30 so until tomorrow ( When I have to be up early for a 9.05 am Dental appointment) I will say Cheerio.

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