Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Sunnier Sunday (about time too)

Frank,s always moaning
Well Hello again  friends and welcome once again to the world renowned Edition of Frank,s whinnying and moaning Daily journal, well as the title says it is a Sunnier sunday than we are used to at the moment but according to the weather forecast it will all deteriorate again tomorrow and back to Cold Wet and Windy weather for another week.

A Better nights sleep
One good thing to say though is that I had a better nights sleep last night, I went to bed about 11.00, listened to the radio until about 11.50 when I switched it off and settled down, took about 30 minutes to get myself comfortable but then slept through until about 6.30 when I woke and went to the bathroom, the right leg was giving me problems again so took a couple of paracetamol and then went back to bed where I dozed on and off until about 9.00.
We want More snow
for Penguins

About 9.30 I make a coffee and also get myself some porridge for breakfast and go into the lounge to watch the Politic shows on BBC 1 and also to send the morning text to Pauline. The Politic shows as expected were mainly going on about the changes that are taking place in the welfare benefits system, I think there are pro,s and con,s on both sides of the arguments, and after all the Protest,s, Strikes and Moans it will all settle down and people will just get on with living there life as best they can.

Wakey Wakey Pauline
well It is now getting on for 11.30, Gervase has phoned to say he will get any shopping I need and bring in to me this afternoon so that will be OK , but I have not heard from Pauline so I give them a ring and pauline answers in a very sleepy voice ( I think I have just woken them up) apparently they were up early to feed Misty and then went back to sleep (It's all right for some) anyway we have a chat and then I go for a lie down for Half an hour until 12.30,  before getting some scrambled egg on toast for lunch

Preparing Dinner
Once I have had lunch I settle down to listen to the Radio and Play a couple of games on facebook until Gervase arrives about 2.00. It is nice to see him and he has got my shopping for today and tomorrow so that is Ok, anyway we have a nice couple of hours chatting until 4.00 and it is time for him to get back home to Leanne, Once Gervase has Gone I get the vegetable prepared for dinner tonight, and then settle down to get todays Journal written and Posted before an evening of TV.

Well here we are then the end of another Sunday, certainly been a better day for me than the last couple of days have been, and I think Pauline is right (But don't tell her) and that is that I need to wrap up warmer when we go out shopping of the weather is cold, anyway I am going to Phone the GP Tomorrow about my Hips/Thighs as I think I may need to go back on to the Calcichew D3 Supplements that I was taking before as my dietician stopped them about a year ago and since then I have had a lot of aches in my right leg, anyway that is for tomorrow so until then I will get this journal posted and say Tatty Bye until tomorrow.

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