Sunday, April 21, 2013

and another excellent day.

well so here we are again, and it was a good saturday followed by an even better sunday, Today has been a great day for me, and although my right hip and thigh has been playing up, I think that my body is starting to adjust to the slow tapering of the prednisolone, anyway That is my theory anyway.

Well yesterday was rounded off by a god evening of TV and facebook games, plus watching 3 episodes from series 1 of "Miranda" being shown on the "Gold" Channel. after that a good nights sleep, waking at 7.30 when I made a cup of coffee and stayed lazing in bed with the Ipad and the local radio until I got up for breakfast at 9.30.

Series One "Miranda" starring Miranda Hart.
After breakfast I did the washing up and made another coffee before checking out my emails and facebook, while watching the start of the London Marathon, where there was a 30 second silence by the runners and spectators at the start in honour of the victims of the Boston Marathon
30 second silence at the start line of the London 2013 Marathon.
after a very relaxing morning Pauline phones to say that they will be leaving Weymouth to drive back to portsmouth this afternoon and then Gervase Phones to say he will be round between 12.00 and 1.00 to take me shopping and we are going to go up to Sainsbury's in Farlington as they have a good Gluten free section. so it is now 11.45 so I go and get myself ready for when Gervase arrives. Gervase gets here about 12.30 so I am all ready and off we go to Sainsbury's.
The roads are fairly quiet today
Blue skies at the Farlington Roundabout.
More Traffic here on the way to Sainsbury's
A fine view of Portsdown hill on the horizon
The Entrance to Sainsbury's
Gervase,s Car ready to go back home
Fresh Lemon sole fillets
we have a good hours shopping in Sainsbury' and I get some Gluten free apple pies and Ginger Biscuits plus the other shopping I need including a nice Lemon sole fillet for dinner tonight, Gervase gets what he needs and then we get it loaded in the car and make our way home. Once we get home I get the shopping put away and then gervase is off home to leanne and I get a nice lunch of scrambled egg with a couple of crispbread.

well the rest of the afternoon passed without any problems I had a bit of a lie down for an hour and then decided at 4.00 that I needed to get this journal written and posted, It is a short journal as It seems that the Google blogger is giving me a few problems so It is time to get it finished and posted while I can, so Until tomorrow I will say Bye Bye.

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