Tuesday, April 30, 2013

On the Last day of April.

"Water, Water", Give me Water
Yes Folks it is the last day of April all ready, so looking forward to May, now one of the things that made me laugh this morning was that according to the professional weather people here in the UK is that May will be a very dry month with very little rain, so it is expected that we could be in a drought situation later this year, now how many months of rain and floods have we just had since last April, but I suppose it gives the water company,s a reason to rase the water rates next year.

Sending the text to Pauline.
Well it was not a bad nights sleep last night, I got of to sleep about 11.30, woke at 2.00 for the Bathroom and then slept through until about 7.30 so not to bad, anyway was up by 8.30 and sent the morning text to Pauline, as I need to have breakfast by 9.00 as I have two appointments today I have my appointment with the NHS Vampire at 10.30 and then a 12.30 appointment for my yearly eye test at Specsavers. so anyway once I have sent the text to Pauline I take my Lansoprazole and at 9.10 I had my breakfast.

Nearly Ready
Once  had finished Breakfast I get a phone call from Pauline to say that she is OK and that she will be booking a Taxi for 10.10 to collect me for my appointment for my blood test, and that she will text when she is on the way. so once we have spoken I settle down to check my emails before going into the Bathroom to get ready for when Pauline arrives, as usual I do not give my self as much time as I should to get ready, I must make a note to myself that I must not go on the computer on so much. anyway once I am groomed and dressed it is 10.00 so am now ready for when Pauline gets here.

Good morning Debbie
At 10.10 I get a text from Pauline that she is on the way so I get my coat and walking cane and as it is a nice day I wait outside the flat or Pauline to arrive, the taxi with Pauline gets here at about 10.20, Pauline has brought my clean Laundry back with her so she puts that indoors and then we are in the Taxi and off to the Eastney health centre for my appointment with debbie the Vampire queen. We get there just at 10.30 and report to reception, I get my number and it is number 13 "Spooky" anyway number 11 is in with debbie so there is only one other person before us so we do not have long to wait before it is our turn, once we are in there it does not take Debbie long to draw the blood , I had to give her extra forms today as my doctor wants to get a couple of markers to look for muscle inflammation because of the aches and pains in my hips and thighs.

well we are out by 10 50 so I phone City Wide for a taxi to collect us from the health centre and to take us home to collect the wheel chair and then off down to the city centre where he drops us off at the precinct just behind Boots the Chemist. Once down Town I need to go to the Nationwide and then down to Barclays before heading into Wilkinsons in the Arundel street precinct where Pauline and I need to purchase a few bits and Pieces.

Arundel street  Precinct looking east outside of Debenham,s Department Store
Arundel street precinct looking West towards the commercial road Precinct
As you can see it is a nice sunny day with blue skies, and it is quite warm in the sun. once we have got what we need from Wilkinsons we make our way out of the back entrance into Paradise street and go and sit in the sun in the precinct by Boots the Chemist and have a sausage roll and a coffee from Greggs.
Greggs the bakers by boots and Tesco.
after that I need to make my way into the Grotty Public Toilet, and while I am there Pauline decides that she will occupy my Wheelchair, which seems like a good Idea as I have been walking and pushing it so far today so am doing well.
The Woman has some cheek
Where is the eye chart
The next stop is into Bots the chemist for some "Tenna for Men" and also some strawberry complan before heading over to Specsavers opticians for my Eye Test. well is seems that there has been further deterioration in my left eye but only slightly. so I need to update my lenses, so I choose a new pair of frames. the opticians said that there will be no improvement on my distance vision as the cataract will still impair the vision but it  is not bad enough to warrant an operation yet, anyway he has booked another eye test for next April, So I get measured for my new glasses and they will be ready in two weeks time.

We are out of the opticians by 1.10 so we go over to Tesco to get a few food items and then I phone a taxi to take us home. Once home We get the Shopping put away and also my clean laundry that Pauline brought back this morning. I then make a coffee and we have a chat before I phone for a Taxi to take Pauline home. Once pauline has left I go for a lie down until 3.00 and then make a coffee and go and get todays journal written, well it has been a really good day today I walked pushing the Wheelchair for most of the time, until we came out of the opticians and then Pauline pushed me to tesco and around tesco a total of about 25 minutes so really pleased about that, just hope I do not suffer to much tomorrow, anyway it is now 5.00 so I am going to end this for today and get it Posted before Pointless starts on BBC 1 at 5.15 so until tomorrow I will say adios.

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