Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Day before and the day after.

A Design of the headstone for Mum and Dad.
Well here we are on Sunday relaxing and recovering from a super evening over at my Niece Jodie and her Husband Dave,s house in Fareham with family and friends To remember Mum who would have been 100 years old next Thursday on the second of May,  Mum was Born in Portsmouth on the 2nd May 1913 in Lawson road and sadly passed away on the 18th May 2005 at the age of 92. we decided to have a family get together to pay tribute to a wonderful  and loving Mother. Grandmother, and Aunt. and also by the 2nd of May a headstone will be erected on Her grave in Fareham Cemetery.

Mum in later years at Nash Way 
well we got over to Fareham about 4.30. I went over with Gordon, Pauline and Charlie (Their Friends son) as Gervase and Leanne were coming over later at about 6.30. it was a super evening and the food and company were great, My sister made a speech at about 8.30 and every one related Memories of Mum that the had, we then went into the garden and released 4 chinese Lanterns into the air with messages on, It was one for each of mums 4 children, Unfortunately our brother David could not be here due to other commitments.

The People who attended were :- Myself with my son Gervase and his wife Leanne.
My Brother Pat with his wife Maz and daughters Melanie and Holly, My sister Eileen with her son Arron and his wife Sarah and Eileen,s daughter Jodie with her Husband Dave, My Cousin Mike Smith was there with his friend Heather also Pauline, Gordon and Charlie were there as was Eileen,s friend Chris who did a lot to help Mum so a total of 19 people.

There was also a very special announcement that caught us all by surprise and which would have delighted Mum and that is that Arron and Sarah announced that they were expecting there first child in October so that really made every ones day.

Well Today has been a day of recovery had a lie in and went shopping with Gervase this afternoon but apart from that I have been resting so hopefully be back with a normal journal tomorrow so I will get some Photographs inserted from yesterday and then say bye bye until tomorrow.
Front: Mike, Melanie, Heather. Back: Gordon, Jodie, Arron.
Standing: Jodie, Arron. Sitting: Heather, Pat, Holly, Maz.
Gervase. Leanne, Mike, Me, Heather.
Jodie, Sarah, Arron.
Gordon, Eileen, Leanne, Mike.
Dave, Gervase, Leanne, Mike, Me, Heather.
Our host Dave
Our Hostess Jodie
Mike, Charlie, Heather

Mike, Heather, Me, Gordon, Pauline
Arron, Heather, Pat, Holly, Maz

Gordon, Mike, Melanie

And the Next two are the Messages from Everybody on there way up to Mum

Good Bless you Mum we all love and miss You.

well there we are then I am going to get dinner sorted as my regime was unsettled yesterday and the body does not like it but as the Eldest I was determined to be there, so an early night for me tonight I think. Tatty bye until tomorrow.

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