Thursday, April 11, 2013

What a super day today has been

Today has been really good, it was so nice to actually be able to go out and not to have a scarf and hat on and a coat done up to the chin.
Back to bed until 9.00 am.
Although it had been raining most of the night. it had cleared up to a certain extent this morning, and after having a decent nights sleep I was in a really positive mood, So after waking at 7.45 I switched on the local radio and went and made a coffee before jumping back into bed and texting Pauline to say that all was OK and I was staying in be until 9.00 to which she text back to say to text her when I eventually got up.

Go Pauline Go
At 9.00 I get up and make another coffee and text Pauline before going back into the kitchen to get some porridge made for breakfast. Pauline phones to say that she is out with Misty, and as she is going up to Salisbury tomorrow to help Gordon before going to Weymouth for the weekend we have decided that I will get a taxi to Southsea this morning to meet her there for shopping as it will save her some time as she has lots to do so I will book a Taxi for 11.15. I then get the laptop fired up and check out my emails and facebook until 10.30 when I get the washing up done from breakfast before getting shaved and dressed ready for when the Taxi arrives at 11.15.

Its Been A Good Day today
Well the taxi arrives as planned and on time so once the driver gets the wheelchair into the car we are off to Palmerston Road in Southsea, I text Pauline to let her know we are on the way and then once I arrive the Taxi drop,s me off opposite St Jude,s Church and that is where Pauline meets me. The weather is a bit "Iffy" it is trying to brighten up but with not much success, but it is very mild and dry so that is OK, Well we have a good  look around the shops and Pauline pushes me  down to Southsea common, we then go down to Southsea Castle and the D-Day Museum before going back to the Precinct to get the food shopping and a coffee before I get a taxi back home so a really good enjoyable couple of hours, so that is about it really for today, so here is a photographic record of mine and Pauline,s trip around Southsea.
We Start off in Palmerston Road Precinct
Palmerston Road looking towards St Jude,s Church

Why look its Pauline, "Notice the caption overhead".
(The answer is Priceless)

Southsea Common

Southsea Common
Pauline on the approach to Southsea Castle
I Think I have been Abandoned
Southsea Castle where Henry VIII watched the Mary Rose sink in Battle in 1545.
The Castle Ramparts
Approach to the D-Day Museum
The D-Day Museum

D-Day Memorial

Well Hope you enjoyed this Photographic record of my little trip around Southsea. Once I was back home I got my shopping put away and then settled down with a coffee to download the Photographs from my phone before sorting them out and the it was time to get todays journal written and Posted. it is now 5.00 So I am going to finish it now and get it Posted before settling down to watch Pointless on TV. So until Tomorrow and the dreaded Methotrexate I will say Bye Bye.

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