Wednesday, April 10, 2013

and there is improvement in the weather.

At long last it could be that the bitterly cold weather that has been encroaching on our shores is starting to change, hopefully for the better.
First coffee of the day

Ok so I did not sleep so well last night, it took me a long time to actually get of to sleep last night as I kept waking with twinges in my right thigh but after a couple of Paracetamol, I eventually got to slept through until about 8.15 which is when I got up and went to make a coffee and took back to bed where I lay listening to the radio and debating at what time to drag myself out of bed, which I managed to do about 9.15 after sending the morning text to Pauline.

Anyway before I get up Pauline rings back to say that she is out on the common with Misty and that it is very misty out there today and you cannot see across the solent to the Isle of Wight, anyway at least it has now stopped raining and she said that I need to get myself out of bed and that she has been up since 7.00 ( Well done Pauline )

The Isle of Wight from Southsea
Gluten Free Cereal
Well Once I am out of bed and up I make a coffee and then go into the lounge with a bowl of Gluten Free "Chocco Snaps" cereal that I got from Tesco yesterday, the one thing I have noticed lately that there is more and more Wheat free and Gluten free products coming onto the shelves of the major supermarket chains. Just wish they would bring the cost down though.

The Morning paper
Well once I have had breakfast I get dressed and then take a walk round to the tesco express to get my morning paper. It is a pleasant morning out there today, no sunshine but certainly a warmer day so it was an enjoyable walk round to the shop and back home again where I settle down to read the paper and then get the crossword done. after that I get the laptop up and running and check out my emails and also facebook, I catch up on a couple of facebook games, and then make a coffee and watch some TV until 1.00 when I go for a lie down for 30 minutes. I have had a nice Text from Leanne to make sure that I am ok and to say that she is home if I need anything.

John West Boneless Sardines
Well I enjoyed the lie down and so at 1.30 I decide to get some Sardines on toast for lunch, I got a tin of Boneless sardines when I was out shopping yesterday with Pauline so decided to have them today, it was an easy lunch to do and really enjoyed them and then once I had finished them I got the Vegetable prepared for dinner tonight and then took a nice cup of coffee into the lounge to watch a couple of episodes of "Diagnosis Murder" on the "Alibi Channel"

At 3.00 I decide that it is time to start getting todays daily journal started. It has been a decent day today although it has started to rain here now at 4.15. I think the weather at the moment is very hit and miss and definitely changeable, much like Myositis really, you just do not know how it is going to affect you from one day to the next, like the weather you get a few days of sunshine and you get led into a sense of optimism and then "wham" the next day it all turns again so that is why the theme of todays journal is that like all autoimmune diseases "Nothing is black and white" so I will get todays journal posted and say bye bye until tomorrow.

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