Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sunshine, Blue Skies, Cloud and a strong chilly wind.

I see Frankie,s
Complaining again
As It says above today it is Sunshine, Blue Skies, Gray cloud,s a very strong chilly wind it must be a British Summer come early folks. So here we are again then people and another day is upon us, looking over the last few day Journals I think I must be starting to sound like "Victor Meldrew" from "One foot in the grave". "I don't believe it" That was another of my favourite sit coms from the

It was a good evening of TV Last night and I stayed up until 11.00 pm watching a Film "Unlikely Angel" starring Dolly Parton. It is a 1996 Tv Christmas movie, I really enjoyed it and I had not seen it before so pleased that I saw it last night. anyway as I said it did not finish until 11.00 so got to bed about 11.30
Dolly Parton "Unlikely Angel" 1996 TV Movie
Happy Grey Cloud
Once in bed I listened to the radio until 12.00 when I got off to sleep and slept through until 7.30 this morning when I woke to use the Bathroom. Once I was awake I made a coffee and took back to bed and listened to the radio until 8.30 when I sent a text to Pauline to say that I was awake but was staying in bed until the sun came back out. It was shining at 8.00 but by 8.30 it had clouded over with very dark grey clouds. Pauline text back to say that she would phone me later.

"Hello Misty". Can I
Speak to Pauline Please
I stay in bed until 9.00 and then get out of bed and make a coffee and some toast and take into the lounge where I put on the radio and settle down to have my breakfast, Once I had finished my toast I fire up the laptop and check out the emails and also see what is happening on facebook. As Pauline has not phoned by 9.45 I phone her mobile and she is on the common with Misty, it is very gusty and it is hard to hear her but anyway she is going to book a taxi for 11.00 so that we can go down to the city centre to get the shopping.

Getting Ready to go shopping
Once I have spoken to Pauline it is 10.00 so I play a couple of facebook games on the laptop until 10.30 when it is time to go and have a shave and get myself ready for when Pauline arrives with the Taxi. Pauline texts just after 11.00 to say that they are on the way and so I am all ready, Pauline arrives about 11.10 and once we have the wheelchair in the taxi we are off down to Commercial road to get the shopping.

It does not take long to get down to the city centre, and we get the taxi to drop us off at the rear of Boots the chemist as the first stop is the Nationwide and then into wilkinsons for a couple of bits and pieces before heading into the cascades to get a coffee and a sausage roll in "Boswells".
Boswells Coffee Shop in the Cascades.
Once we have had a coffee and snack we make our way out into the precinct and it is nice to see that the sun is out and the sky is quite blue, we find a sheltered place out of the wind which is still very breezy and cold and enjoy a few =minutes watching the world go by before heading over to the Tesco store to get the food shopping, It is very quiet here in Portsmouth today so I think that everyone is feeling the effects of the governments austerity measures.
A very quiet day in the precinct

Not a lot of shoppers at the Market in the Precinct today
Thank you Pauline
once we have got some fresh air we make our way into Tesco and get the shopping before getting a taxi back home. Once indoors we get the shopping put away, and then I make a coffee and Pauline and I have a chat before Pauline helps me put the clean Laundry away which she brought back to me this morning, I then phone for a taxi to take Pauline home, I then go for a lie down before sorting out the veg for tonight,s dinner and then settling down with a coffee to get todays Journal written.

AsI am completing the Journal Gervase phones to say he is just leaving work and that he will be in to see me about 6.30 on his way home so as it is now 4.50 I will get this journal Posted and then settle down to watch pointless at 5.15 before getting dinner started at 6.00 so until tomorrow I will say tatty bye.

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