Thursday, April 4, 2013

A very cold freezing Thursday shopping.

Not getting any warmer
Well What can I say it is Freezing out there today. They said it was going to get colder but I did not expect it to be this cold, I put out the bin bags this morning and the wind was really gusting and it was icy. still they do say that it will start to get slightly warmer next week, Only time will tell.

Pauline Phones
well it was a good nights sleep again last night, after listening to the quiz on local radio at 11.00 I got off to slept and slept through until 6.30. made a coffee and lazed about in bed until 9.00 when I got up and sent the text to Pauline. Pauline phoned back to say she was just about to take Misty out and that she would be booking a taxi at 11.00 to come round to collect me to go down to the town shopping.

Once I have spoken to Pauline I get some Porridge for breakfast and then settle down with the laptop for an hour until 10.30 when I go and get ready for when pauline arrives. Pauline arrives about 11.10 and the wheelchair is put into the Taxi and off we go down to the City Centre. The first stop is the civic offices to pay the council tax before making our way up to the precinct to get the shopping.
Guildhall square and Civic offices
Once I have paid the council tax we make our way up to the Precinct and Pauline need s to go and get some shopping in Wilkinsons before we head to Boots the Chemist and then over to the cascades for coffee in Boswells before going into Marks and Spencer for the food shopping.
Wilkinsons at Arundel Street Precinct
Boots the Chemist Portsmouth Precinct
Marks and Spencer Cascades
Once we have all the shopping done we make our way back outside and I phone the taxi to take us home. I am glad to get back indoors in the warm as it was absolutely freezing out today and the wind was so cold and it kept trying to snow as well. anyway once indoors we get the shopping put away and then I make a coffee and we have a chat before I phone for the taxi to take Pauline back home at 3.00. so it was a good 4 hours today but I need a lie down now before getting todays journal written and posted
well it is now 5.30 and Gervase will be coming in to see me soon So I am going to get this journal posted and then settle down to a evening of TV and a nice cottage pie ad cauliflower cheese for dinner, so until tomorrow and hopefully a warmer day for taking the Methotrexate I will say Tatty Bye.

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