Saturday, April 20, 2013

And Another milestone reached with the Daily Journal.

Hello again folks and here we are with another Saturday upon us and wonders of wonders it is really nice weather today, clear blue skies and Sunshine so long may it last.
A really nice day today
Let me stay in bed.
The Photograph above is the view this morning from my back yard, it is so nice to see clear blue skies and hopefully that will last all day long. Now back to the present. I had a restless night last night, woke a couple of times for the bathroom, must stop drinking so much coffee in the evening while playing about on facebook, anyway eventually had some interrupted sleep from about 4.30 to 8.30 so that was probably a total of 6 hours last night which is about the norm for me. anyway made a coffee and stayed in bed until about 9.30 listening to the radio before getting up and getting dressed.

Getting washed and groomed
Once I was up I get a cup of tea and some Porridge for breakfast before getting out the laptop and checking my e-mails, and also seeing who is on facebook. Once I have finished that I go out to the kitchen to get the washing up done and then go and have a coffee outside in the sunshine, it is still quite chilly so do need a coat on, after that I go and get a wash and groomed and then ready to go and get the morning paper.

Oh well time to rest the legs now
As it is a nice day I decide that I would take a slightly longer route to get the paper today, which was probably not the best idea on a saturday after the fridays methotrexate, anyway I get to the paper shop, get the paper and go back home, although the legs are very achey today I did enjoy the walk in the Sun, On afterthoughts I should have taken the wheelchair and could have spent an hour in Milton Park reading the paper, Oh well may think about that tomorrow if the weather stays nice.

One of my Favourites
Once back indoors I settle down with the paper and at about 11.30 Pauline rings from Weymouth to say that that Her and Gordon are On and that the weather is nice down there, and that they had a good evening with Agnes and a couple of other friends, once I had finished talking to pauline I went back to the Paper and then spent an hour doing the Weekend Puzzles and also the crossword, I have left one crossword to do later on this evening. at 12.30 I have a Banana and also put on you tube on the "Smart TV" to watch/Listen to some of the songs and stage performances by "Johnny Tillotson" from the 1950,s and 1960,s.

Samsung Smart TV
I really am thankful that I decided to pay the extra few Pounds to get the smart TV as it really was worth it, You would think that with all the satellite TV channels these day you would be able to find something on the TV worth watching but after searching through this morning I can honestly say that there was nothing that I found that would be worth while watching for me so thank Goodness for Smart TV and DAB Radio.

Entrance to Fratton Park in
Frogmore Road
Well as it is such a nice afternoon I decide at 3.00 to take a coffee outside to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, and to see the crowds of people going of to watch the football at Fratton Park. It is the last home Game of the season and also Portsmouth Football Club has been taken over by the Portsmouth Football Trust and is now out of Administration and is the biggest fan owned football club in England. although we will be playing in Division two next season at least the club is still in existence so "Play Up Pompey" I have been supporting Portsmouth football club since being taken to my first Match at Fratton Park by my Father in 1949. and was going to matches at fratton park and many other football grounds across the country until about 1998-99, when the money men became involved and it became to expensive to go.

It certainly looks like there is going to be a large crowd at the stadium today and hopefully not to much trouble with rowdy drunks although as I am sat here writing this journal with the window open I can here a lot of Police/ambulance Sirens going off and the Police spotter plane circling about overhead. any way Good Luck Pompey.

Well it is now just gone 4.00 pm so time to get this journal finished and posted, Well it has been a good day today even with a lot of aches and pains in my leg and hip, and so I have enjoyed the sunshine, it is surprising how a decent sunny day can really uplift peoples spirits (Make mine a Brandy) anyway as I was saying a really good day and I have enjoyed it, I made a egg sandwich about 3,30 and will have dinner  about  7.00 pm so that is all good, One other nice surprise was to see that today the Daily Journal reached just over 50, 000 visitors, so That pleased me and also the daily visits are increasing on a monthly basis so Thank You to everyone who takes the trouble to read my Daily Journal.

Well so it is time to call it a day now I think, it is 4.20 and there is now something on TV that I am watching it started at 4.00 and it is a episode of a TV series " Judge John Deed" starring "Martin Shaw"

Judge John Deed. 2001 - 2007 BBC. (29 episodes over 6 series)
So I am going to get this Journal Posted and settle down to watch the rest of the program so until tomorrow I will say Tatty Bye.

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