Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A trip in the Wheelchair today

Pauline loves Shopping
Good morning one and all and so we start another Day. It was a decent day relaxing yesterday and today it will be a trip out in the wheelchair with Pauline as we resume our weekly shopping regime.

Well it was a decent nights sleep last night, I got of to sleep about 11.30 and woke at about 6.45 this morning when I went to the bathroom and then made a coffee to take back to bed where I lazed and listened to the radio until I sent a text to Pauline about 8.45.
A good nights Sleep
Pauline phones back to say that all is Ok and that she wondered that if we did not have much to get it may be nice to have a couple of hours in southsea today, well that sounds like a plan to me so we arrange that I will get a taxi and bring the wheelchair and meet her in Palmerston road and we can take a stroll around Southsea and I can walk with the Wheelchair, and she will push me when the legs have had enough so that is what we will do.

Get ready to meet Pauline to go
shopping in Southsea
Once I have finished speaking to Pauline I go into the lounge and take the medication and then get some Porridge for Breakfast, After Breakfast I Phone city wide to book a taxi ti collect me at 11.00 and then I settle down to check out the emails and facebook until 10.30 when I go and start getting ready for when the taxi arrives. The Taxi arrives at just after 11.00 so we get the wheelchair in and off we go to Palmerston road, I text Pauline to let her know I am on the way.

Well we arrive at Palmerston Road and as The Taxi driver helps me and the wheelchair out of the Taxi pauline arrives. It is a Sunny day but very cold so I need my Hat and gloves, anyway I decide to walk pushing the wheelchair for a bit and then Pauline pushes me. It was a nice couple of hours out in the fresh air and we went quite a distance stopping in at shops along the way so here is where we went shown in photograph,s You will see from these that Portsmouth & Southsea is a City which still has a lot of its original architecture.
Palmerston Road, Southsea
This is where we started.
Palmerston Road 2
Marmion Road 1
Marmion Road 2
The Corner shop window at marmion Road
Victoria Road 1
Victoria Road 2
Victoria Road 3
Albert road 1
My Favourite Antique shop in Albert road
Albert Road 2
Albert Road 3

Highlands road Pre Victorian Cemetery 
Highlands Road 2
Highlands Road 3
Methuen Road infant school where my late wife Christine was a teacher
So here is the route we took from Palmerston road to Methuen road school and then it was another 20 minutes walk from there to home where we both sat down to a nice coffee.

Well that was a really enjoyable time, I met Pauline at palmerston road about 11.15 and we got home about 1.45 so a good 2.5 hours out in the fresh air and sunshine, I walked with the wheelchair to the end of Marmion road and then Pauline pushed me in the wheelchair from there to Methuen Road and then I pushed the wheelchair to home.

One we have had a coffee I get a Taxi to take pauline home and then after another coffee I get todays journal started.

It is now 5.50 so I have my dinner on cooking so it will be ready about 6.20 so until tomorrow I will say ....................

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