Saturday, April 13, 2013

Certainly a better Friday night.

On Cloud Nine
Well after a bit of a "Yucky" afternoon and early evening yesterday after the Methotrexate I am gad to say that the evening got better  as it went on and that I had a really good nights sleep from about 11.30 until 6.30 this morning. and then lay in bed dozing until eventually getting up to make a coffee and to get some breakfast at 9.45 Whooo Hoooo a really great start to Saturday feels like I am on cloud Nine.

Nice weather for Ducks
Well once I have got Up I text pauline then have some Gluten Free Porridge for breakfast before getting dressed and taking a slow walk round to the Tesco express to get a morning paper and also to get some milk. as I am walking back from the shop the Mobile rings and it is Pauline to say that she is glad I had a lie in ad that she was up early and is now out on the common with Misty, as it is starting to try and rain she is about to make her way back home, as I am as well as I do not want to get wet but luckily, I am almost at the front door and it is only very light rain at the moment.
Well at the moment although it has got milder it looks like we are in for some wet weather over the next couple of days, It just seems that at the moment you cannot win, it is either very cold or very wet with the occasional dry (ish) day in between, it is no wonder that half the population of this country is down with a virus of some kind and the other half wish that those that were down with a virus would stop going on about it LOL.

Well today is going pretty well. I have got a couple of nice Lamb Chops in the slow cooker with some Potato and Parsnips they will be slowly cooking until 5.30 this evening when I will have them with some cauliflower and broccoli. I have been here resting for the rest of the morning playing around on facebook and watching some older episodes of "Friends" on Comedy central. It is one of those Programs that I missed first time round but one that I very much enjoy watching now. I cant believe there are 236 episodes to catch up on.
Friends American sitcom 1994 - 2004 236 episodes
Today is one of those days which is designed for watching TV. as the weather outside is very wet and apparently it is going to get stormy along the coast here later on today and through tomorrow, at least that is what the local radio weather forecast is predicting.
Todays weather forecast for 4.00 pm
Todays Lunch
I will probably have a light lunch of a yoghurt and Banana today at 2.00 pm when Friends finishes for today at 2.00 pm as I did not have breakfast until about 10.15 and it will be a bigger dinner tonight so don't want to over eat today otherwise I will suffer tomorrow.

Well I enjoyed lunch and the weather is no better now than it was earlier this Morning. I have been playing around on facebook and drinking coffee apart from 10 minutes when I was having a chat with my Neighbour from across the road, apart from that I have done absolutely "Nothing", "Zilch", "Zero". anyhow I am now watching some episodes of "Last of the Summer wine" on the Gold channel .

Last of the Summer wine BBC 1973 - 2010
Last of the summer wine made its debut on 4th January 1973 as an episode of "Comedy Playhouse" and the first series was started in November 1973. and the final episode was broadcast on 29th August 2010 it ran for 31 series and is the longest running sit com in the world.

It is now 2.50 and It is nearly time to put the laptop away an settle down to watch a movie on TV Starring Dean Martin and Honor Blackman . it is a 1971 Movie called "Something Big" and it starts on TCM at 3.00
Something Big 1971
I also have my Son Gervase coming in to see me later on this afternoon so I will get this journal posted and say Tatty bye until tomorrow.

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