Monday, April 15, 2013

well up a lot earlier today " For a reason"

Is it 7.00 Yet
And here we are again at the start of another week, not such a good night last night as I seemed to be waking up every 2 hours and then dropping back of to sleep, mind you I think the reason is that I needed to be up early this morning so had set my alarm clock for 7.00 as I am getting into the habit of staying in bed later so I think it was playing on my mind.

This is two early to be up
Anyway the reason I need to be up early is that I have my Dental appointment today at 9.05 so Pauline and Gordon will be round about 8.45 to take me down to the dentist Then Gordon will come back to start the monday flat cleaning and Pauline will wait with me and then we will get a taxi back home afterwards, so once I am up at about 7.15 I text Pauline to let her know I am up and then get a coffee and porridge done for breakfast.

Looking Good
Once I have had my coffee and Porridge I do a quick check of my emails and facebook on the Ipad before going to get washed, shaved and dressed ready for when Pauline and Gordon arrives at around 8.45. It takes me a bit of time to get myself ready in the morning, but at least I can still do it, although it was easier to do my neck and face and comb my hair with the help of a carer, but at least I am working out the easiest way of doing it and It is getting easier on a weekly basis.

once I have got my self sorted I make a coffee, when I get a Text from Pauline to say they are just leaving so I am all ready for when they arrive and then into the car and off to the Dentist. Gordon drops us at the Dentists surgery and then heads back here to start the Monday Cleaning while me and Pauline report to the Dentists receptionist
The Dental Surgery in Outram Road.
Ouch, Ouch, Ouch
Well I am only there about 10 minutes when I get called in to see my Dentist, Today I am having 3 Fillings which is a lot better than last time when I had 3 extractions, anyway  once these fillings are done then that is the major work done, I go back in 2 months to see him again when I will have the impressions done for my Dental plate, Prednisolone has a lot to answer for.

At last "Coffee" 
Well That is soon over I am out by 9.45 with all 3 fillings done and Dusted, so we go out and Pauline phones for a taxi as my mouth is totally numb from the Local Anaesthetic. Once I am home Pauline and Gordon have a coffee and then Pauline walks round to Tesco with me to get some milk and a morning Paper and then back home. Gordon finishes the cleaning s we have our Monday weigh in, Gordon is still lighter weighing in at 11 stone 14 Pounds while I tip the scales at 12 stone 8 pounds. After that Pauline and Gordon head home , Taking my washing with them,  I am looking forward to the Anaesthetic wearing of as I want a drink and some soup for lunch but it is almost 1.30 before it has worn off enough for me to be able to eat and drink safely.
A Cat Nap

Well anyway as I could not eat or drink and the fact that I was up early I went for a cat nap for an hour or so at 12.00, anyway after having some chicken soup and a couple of coffee,s at 1,30 I go on facebook and catch up with the games and then settle down to get todays daily Journal written. all in all it has been a good day today.

Out shopping on Tuesday
Well it is now 4.40 and I am going to settle down with another coffee and the daily paper and also  get the crosswords done before getting dinner at 6.00 and then an evening of TV, and then looking forward to going down town tomorrow for our Tuesday shopping with Pauline So I will get this Journal Posted and say Bye Bye until tomorrow.

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