Monday, April 22, 2013

and it is another nice sunny Monday.

This could be me next week.

Yes Folks it is nice weather again today, if this carries on I will have to go and get a pair of Secateurs so that I can attempt to start trimming the shrubs in the back yard. It really is a nice spring day today and a temperature of about 16 degrees C but in the back yard it has reached 21 Degrees C in the Sun, this was at about 1.00 pm.
Its to early to get up.

Well it was not a bad nights sleep last night, woke at 3.30 ish for the bathroom and then went back to sleep until about 7.00 when I woke and after using the bathroom, I made a coffee and then went back to bed to listen to the radio and doze a bit, at 8.30 I sent the morning text to Pauline and then at about 9.00 I got up to get some breakfast and a coffee and into the Lounge.
Todays Breakfast

I have decided to have a nice bowl of Gluten Free Porridge this morning and so I ge that made and then take that and a coffee into the lounge and put the TV on to watch a episode of "Heir Hunters" which is a documentary of company,s who trace missing heirs, a lot of good Family history research tips in this program, anyway I finish my porridge, just as Pauline Phones, she and gordon are late getting up this morning after a good weekend with friends in Weymouth.

Getting the morning Paper
Pauline is OK and she is pleased that the weather is getting better, anyway we have a chat and she enjoyed the weekend away with Gordon in Weymouth, and also she had a good time with Agnes who is the lady they stayed with in Weymouth, and in case Agnes reads this journal I would like to say " Thank you for the Postcard"  Gordon gave it to me this morning and I thought it was so funny. anyway Pauline said Gordon would be round sometime after 10.30 for the Monday 2 hours cleaning, so that gives me time to get my shoe,s on and get round to get my paper.

Once I have the paper and also some milk I make my way back home and then settle down with some youtube videos of Brenda Lee on the Smart TV, and I watch these until Gordon arrives at about 11.00 when I go and get a couple of coffees made. My favourite Video was a 1980,s concert "Legends in Concert" Brenda lee was great in the 1960,s and as good in the 1980,s and still going strong, she is only a year younger than me. one of the Greats.
Brenda lee in the "Legends in Concert" show 1980,s
Your doing a good job Gordon
Once Me and Gordon have had our coffee,s and a chat gordon starts the cleaning, and I settle down to read the paper. It is a good morning and we have a good old chat and ponce gordon has the main cleaning done we have another coffee before Gordon vacuum's the bedroom and lounge and then washes the kitchen and Bathroom Floor. once Gordon has finished he gets his cleaning gear into his car and then heads back home to Pauline.

Mother (Edith Annie Smith Nee Hubbard)
Once Gordon has left at about 1.00 I settle down in the recliner to read the Morning paper and also to get the crosswords done before I make a cup of tea and get a nice chicken and bacon Sandwich for lunch at 2.00. Once I have had lunch I decide to start getting todays journal written, as I will not be doing much more today. while I am writing the Journal I have a phone call from my Cousin Mike in Fareham, I had a Phone call from Mikes Sister Maureen From Canada yesterday evening so that is a coincidence anyway me and Mike have a nice chat about the get together in Fareham this weekend to celebrate what would have been my Mums 100th Birthday on the 2nd May. It is the only time the family can all get together. Mum Passed away in 2005 at the age of 92. it does not seem like it has been 8 years.


Due to the family events on Saturday there will be no Daily Journal on Saturday the 28th March.

well that is about it for today folks, It is nearly 3.30 so will get this journal posted before settling down with a coffee and some episodes of "keeping up appearances" so until tomorrow I will say Goodbye.

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