Friday, April 12, 2013

After shopping comes resting

A restless early Morning.
Well what a good day yesterday was, after a relaxing evening watching TV I went to bed at about 10.30 and after listening to the local radio for an hour I got of to sleep pretty quickly but was woken at about 5.30 this morning with the rain Rattling on the bedroom widow,and although I tried I could not get back off to sleep so listened to the radio until 7.30 when I made a Coffee and took back to bed and at least the rain has now stopped.

A Morning of daytime TV
Well I text pauline at 8.45 ish to let her know all is OK then get myself dressed and make a coffee and some breakfast and then into the lounge, once I have had breakfast I get onto the laptop and check out emails and facebook before Pauline rings me back to say all is Ok and they are up in Salisbury. Once I have spoken to Pauline I go round to get my Morning paper before settling down to some daytime TV.

After watching the TV for a bit I settle down to do the crosswords in the paper. it is soon approaching 1.00 pm so time for the lunchtime news before deciding to get myself some lunch. I make myself a cheese omelette which is very tasty, after that I take my 15 mg of Methotrexate, before I go for a lie down for an hour, before going back into the lounge to watch a couple of episodes of "Dinner Ladies"starring Victoria woods

Dinner ladies TV Sitcom from 1998 - 2000
once I had watched two episodes of dinner ladies there is a couple of episodes of "Outnumbered on which I watch while getting todays daily journal written.
Outnumbered starring Hugh Dennis 2007
A Cat Nap
Well after a brilliant yesterday, I come back down to earth with a bump today as the Methotrexate does its job and I probably overdid it a bit yesterday as well so a couple of days of rest while it settles down,  so it looks like this week is going to be a "Restful weekend" ahead for me.
so as it is now 4.25 I am going to get this journal posted  and get myself sorted out with preparing the ingredients ready for dinner before going for another cat nap, to make up for being woken so early by the rain this morning so until tomorrow I will say Adios.

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