Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Sun has got his hat on Again.

Make way, Coming through.
And here we are on another Thursday and fast approaching the end of April, which makes me wonder where the days have gone this year almost ⅓ of the way through the year. It was a different wake up call this morning, I slept reasonably well but was woken at 6.00 by a barrage of ships foghorns which went on for Two to Three hours as it was very misty/foggy out on the solent which is the stretch of water between Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight. so the ferry,s to and from the Isle of Wight and Gosport and the Naval ships and Cross Channel Ferries are all sounding there Foghorns at various tones which is quite musical.
Its to Noisy

Anyway as I was awake and no chance of getting back to sleep I go and make a coffee and then take that back to bed and put on the radio to listen to the local radio, I must confess I have turned the sound up slightly to overcome the sound of the Fog Horns, this is one of the pleasures of living near the sea and a major Naval dockyard,

Ahhh Coffee number 2
The good thing is that if ewe have a heavy mist it means we are in for a decent day once it lifts which it does by about 10.00, it was still misty when pauline went out on the common with "Misty" for her morning walk, anyway it is starting to brighten up and the sun has come through the mist and the skies are becoming bluer so all is right with the world. Anyway once I get out of bed and make my second coffee of the day and get some breakfast It is 9.45 and Pauline will be booking a taxi for 10.45 to collect me and then it will be shopping down the city centre.

Must do better
After finishing breakfast I have 30 minutes to just check out my emails and facebook before getting into the bathroom and getting myself sorted out and then dressed ready for when Pauline arrives at about 10.50. once I am all ready it is only 5 minutes before I get a text from Pauline to say she is on the way and she arrives at my flat at about 10.55. once we get everything in the taxi we are then off down to the city centre, I really should get myself better organised.

Once down town we get dropped of in Paradise Street behind Boots and then I need to go into a couple of company,s and then we have a coffee from the burger van outside debenham,s before making our way up to specsavers where I need to make an appointment for my yearly eye test. Although it is busier here today than it was last week, it is still quiet for a Thursday which is Market day, perhaps the sun has got people going down the beach instead of shopping.
looking towards the market stalls in the precinct.

There is even a Fish and chip van outside Greggs, but very few people
Once I have made my Opticians appointment for next Tuesday we make our way over to Morrisons to get the weekly shop stopping off at Sainsburys on the way as Pauline wants to look at the clothes in the sale and I get some gluten free items ie Cakes LOL. 
Sainsburys in the town centre,
looking towards the church from the Sainsburys car park
The view from the Sainsburys car park towards morrison,s in the distance (not that far) 
Once I have got my few Gluten free (Free From) almond slices, chocolate puddings and 3 bags of cheesy snacks, and Pauline has purchased a couple of tops in the sale we make our way over to morrisons which is just the other side of the main road, I have walked pushing the wheelchair most of the way today but Pauline pushes me in the wheelchair the rest of the way. Once we get to Morrisons we first get a coffee and a sandwich before getting the shopping.
Egg sandwich for me and Tuna for a Latte coffee
Once we have had lunch we go and do the shopping and then once we have everything we make our way to the checkout and pay for it, I have got a nice Lemon sole fillet for dinner tonight and a very nice Sea Bass Fillet for tomorrow nights dinner both fresh fish from the fish counter, I do like morrisons fresh food, anyway once we have paid for it we make our way outside t the car park where I phone for the Taxi to take us home.
The car park and dreams bed store taken over the shopping in the wheel chair
another view of the morrisons car park towards the offices in Flathouse  Quay
Once we are home it is about 2.45 so we get the shopping put away and then we have a coffee and a chat before I phone for a taxi at 3.20 to take Pauline back home. Once Pauline has left I make another coffee and then settle down to get todays journal written. well it is now 5.20 so I am going to get this journal posted before Gervase arrives for his Thursday visit, so I will say tatty bye until tomorrow,

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