Friday, April 19, 2013

And here we are again, Another Friday:

♬ ♬ It's another Friday, Another Freaky Friday ♬ ♬ 
♬ ♬ TraLa, LaLa, TraLa, LaLa ♬ ♬ 

 ♬ ♬ I'm Taking Methotrexate, Taking Methotrexate ♬ ♬ 
 ♬ ♬ TraLa, Lala, TraLa, LaLa ♬ ♬ 

Yummy, Yummy,
Pills in my Tummy
Yes Folks it is another Freaky Friday, and as we all know by now Today is Methotrexate day, so not my favourite day of the week. anyhow I am going to take it after Supper Today so hopefully that will enable me to sleep through the first few hours of the Yuckyness, mind you the last time I left it until the evening I could not get to sleep but my Prednisolone dosage was a lot higher then so hopefully this time it may work better for me. 

The First Coffee of the day
well it was a decent nights sleep last night, although I did wake at 1.00 am and found that I had dropped of to sleep about 11.30 without turning of the radio so switched that off and went back to sleep and slept through until 6.30 so a really decent nights sleep, so out of bed, into the bathroom and then the kitchen to make a coffee and then back to bed and listened to the radio until 8.45 when I sent the morning text to Pauline.

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, To
Weymouth they did go
I eventually get out of bed and get dressed before going into the kitchen to make another coffee and get some Gluten Free Porridge for Breakfast, and then into the lounge, where I settle down with the radio and checked out my emails and then Facebook on the laptop. After I have been on the computer about 30 minutes, the phone rings and it is Pauline to say that they got up to Salisbury OK. Pauline and Gordon have a couple of houses to do this morning and then they are off down to Weymouth to visit Agnes for the weekend, so hope they have a nice couple of days before driving home on Sunday.

Here comes the rain "AGAIN"
Once I had spoken to Pauline I got my coat on and took a walk round to get the morning Paper, I have left it later today and it is after 11.00 am, but I should have gone earlier when the sun was out because as I leave the flat, the sky clouds over and it is trying to rain, you can feel the fine moisture in the air falling down so I do not dilly dally I get there and back as fast as my little legs will cary me, luckily it does not actually rain so that is a relief, anyway once I am back indoors I make a coffee and then settle down with a coffee to read the Paper, Needless To say the papers are reporting on the increased security for the London Marathon on this Sunday.

Get the washing up done
Well I read the paper and do the crossword with the radio playing in the background and then at 1.00 I go for a lie down for 45 minutes before going and getting some scrambled Eggs and some toast for lunch with a nice cup off tea, Lunch went down well so it was now time to get the washing up done and after that I will prepare the Cauliflower and Broccoli ready for tonight,s dinner of a nice Scottish Salmon Fillet, once that had been done I make another coffee and then into the lounge to catch up on some facebook games until 3.30 when I start todays Journal,

Train is running late Gervase
Pauline rings to say that they made good time from Salisbury to Weymouth and will be there in 10 min,s, and then at 4.50 gervase phones to say he is on the way home from work, His train is running about 45 minutes late so he is hoping he can make some time up as Leanne and he are out to a friends birthday bash tonight. However it is now 5.10 so I am going to finish this journal and get it posted before watching Pointless at 5.15, I will get dinner ready for 7.00 pm and then after that I will be taking my Methotrexate, so until tomorrow I will say Cheerio.

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