Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Beginning of May.

Whoo Hoo and here we are at the beginning of May, It is two years today that I was the diagnoses of Dermatomyositis was confirmed by my Neurologist Dr Gibb at Southampton Hospital after a Muscle Biopsy. This there then followed two weeks of scans and tests to rule out various causes of the disease.

Southampton General Hospital
Queen Alexandra Hospital, Cosham, Portsmouth
when I was at Southampton Hospital I was on a Gastro Nasal Feeding tube being fed during the night, as I also had Chronic Dysphagia, it was a lot of care from a great team of Nurses and Doctors and after 2 weeks I was transfered back to the Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth where I stayed for another week before going back home with a Care Package.

And now two years down the track I am now almost back to eating normally but still some weakness in the swallowing, also I am a little bit more mobile than I was although still very weak in my leg muscles but this is getting better, I sometimes get very frustrated because of the things that I can't do but then have to remember that I will be 70 years of age in October, so age plus this stupid Myositis I am not doing to badly.
Heart E.C.G 
There have been set backs over the last two years I have developed  a cataract in my left Eye, which they are convinced is due to the Prednisolone and also just over a year ago I developed an erratic heart beat and have a reveal monitor fitted in my chest, again the cardiologist has decided that it was caused by the weakness in my chest/heart muscles but fingers crossed it has not been a problem since.

Reveal Heart Monitor
So there we are two year later and I am still here being a pain in the butt. there is one other anniversary this week and that is tomorrow, as On the 2nd of May 1913 my Mother was born so tomorrow she would have been celebrating her 100th Birthday and I am sure that she will be celebrating up above with Dad and the rest of the Family, so that is why we had our family get together on Saturday.

This is the life.
And now back to today, Not doing a lot today to be honest, just relaxing and recovering from a busy day yesterday and so apart from walking round to gt my Paper this morning I have spent the day in the recliner in front of the TV and playing around on the laptop. I had some scrambled egg on toast for lunch today, and dinner tonight will be Sea Bass with the normal cauliflower cheese and New potato,s and then a relaxing evening.

Well that is about it for today then folks not a very exciting day but very pleasant and hopefully the weather will get better for the May Bank Holiday this weekend

The first Monday of May is a bank holiday in the United Kingdom. It called May Day in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. It is known as the Early May Bank Holiday in Scotland. It probably originated as a Roman festival honoring the beginning of the summer season (in the northern hemisphere). In more recent times, it has been as a day to campaign for and celebrate workers' rights.

Well as you can see the weather forecast is no to bad for the rest of the week and the weekend so just hope it gets a little warmer. anyhow I am now going to get this Journal finished and Posted so until tomorrow I will say Cheerio.

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