Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The good and the bad

But not the ugly.

No energy today
Welcome friends to my Tuesday edition of the Daily Journal, after a detour yesterday of dedicating the Journal to the leaving of HMS Ark Royal to a Turkish scrap yard , today we return to the normal daily Journal. well I must say that I am certainly feeling the effects of the Prednisolone tapering, but I am sure that in the long run the increase in Aches, Pains and fatigue will be worth while.

Watching Daytime TV
well I had a decent nights sleep last night and slept through until 7.30 this morning waking once at about 4.30 for the bathroom, anyway at 7.30 I made a coffee and took back to bed to listen to the radio and at 8.30 I send the morning text to Pauline before getting out of bed and into the lounge at 9.00. at 9.30 I make some Porridge for breakfast and a cup of coffee before settling down to watch a bit of daytime TV.

At about 10.15 Pauline phones to say she has just got back from taking Misty out for her walk on the common, Pauline has an appointment with her dentist to discuss further dental treatment so she will be coming up to me about 1.45. we have not got to et any shopping today apart from some milk so we will probably just have a walk around the local shops with the Wheelchair.
Local shops at Milton
A Silly thing to do
well after I have spoken to Pauline I decide that I will take a walk round to the local Tesco express to get my daily paper, and a snack for lunch, so off I go it is not far and although my legs are a bit achey it will do them good to get a bit of exercise, anyway once there I get my paper and a snack and then I try and get the money out of my bag, somehow I tended to loose my balance , and as I put my hand out to steady myself on a trolly, the trolley moves and down I go, well not done that for a while, anyway now I am left with right leg that in aching more now than it did earlier and a dent in my Pride but No damage done (I hope)

anyway I get back home and make a coffee and then settle to watch the Tv and read the paper until Pauline arrives at 1.45. she has brought Misty with her so that is good fun, anyway we decide that as my muscles are not so good today that Pauline will push me in the wheelchair to milton Park and Misty can have a run around there, we are not out long about an hour as it is quite chilly out today but it was nice to get some fresh air and to see Misty playing around in the Park.
Misty having fun in Milton Park
Doing the Daily Journal
Asi said we were out for about an hour, and then we make our way back home, we get some milk on the way back and Pauline gets a couple of bits and pieces, once home I make a coffee which we have and Pauline has a Sandwich, and then about 4.00 Pauline makes her way home and I make another coffee and then settle down to get this Journal written and posted.

Well it is now 5.10 so it is time to get todays Journal Posted and then I will settle down to watch Pointless on BBC1 and spend the evening watching TV and resting my leg, so until tomorrow I will say Adios.

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