Thursday, May 30, 2013

After 468 years it has arrived.

Today is the opening of the New Mary Rose Museum next to HMS Victory in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

The Mary Rose
The Mary Rose was a Tudor Warship built in Portsmouth Dockyard in 1511 and sunk in the Solent at Portsmouth in 1545 while leading an attack on a French invasion fleet, Henry the VIII was watching the battle from Southsea Castle.

The ship was discovered on the seabed in the Solent in 1971 and was raised from the seabed in 1982. it was a section of the hull that was raised along with many thousand artifacts, and although the hull section has been on display at the Historic dockyard it has been continually sprayed with water and wax.

The water jets were turned off last month and over the years since 1982 the money has been raised and a new museum built at the Dockyard ( Next to HMS Victory) to house the hull and 19000 artifacts which were also recovered, this forms a time capsule of the tudor Navy and today has marked the official opening of the museum and it will be open to the public from tomorrow.

The New Museum and HMS Victory.
There has been many events on in Portsmouth today to mark this great achievement and this morning a wreath was laid in the Solent at the spot where the Mary Rose Sank to remember the 500 men and boys that lost there lives when it sank.

The laying of the wreath in the Solent
and on Southsea Castle where Henry the VIII watched the HMS Mary rose go down 5 archers shot a volley of flaming arrows over the Solent while a volley of cannon fire was shot from Fort Blockhouse at Gosport.

The Archers on Southsea Castle
Below are some Photographs of some of the items recovered from the sea bed along with the Mary Rose. All these were on the Mary Rose.

the First coffee of the day
So that is how most of my day was spent following the events of this historic day on Local Radio and TV. and of course going out for a couple of hours with Pauline to get the shopping and to pay some bills.

It was a good night last night apart from the fact that I was woken early this morning with bad pains in te area of my hip, anyway I took a couple of pain killers an that eased it enough for me to get back to sleep for another couple of hours before getting up at 7.30 to make a coffee and start my marathon day of radio and TV coverage.

looking Good Frankie
Once I am up I phone Pauline an she is going to book a taxi for 11.00 st collect me and then we are off down to the city centre so that I can pay a couple of bills and then off to morrisons to get the shopping, after speaking to Pauline I get some breakfast and then settle down to watch the TV coverage, Pauline then texts at about 10.15 to say that she has changed the Taxi to 11.15 but that is OK, it gives me more time to get ready as my legs are giving me a bit of trouble today, just hope my body gets used to the tapering of the prednisolone sooner than later.

Anyway Pauline arrives about 11.20 so once we have everything in the Taxi off we go down. we get the taxi driver to drop us off at the back of Boot,s in commercial road precinct and then we go into the nationwide where I pay a couple of bills and then we head off to Morrisons to get the shopping, I push the wheelchair for a short distance and then Pauline pushes me the rest of the way, as I do not want to overdo it with my leg muscles at the moment.
Nationwide Portsmouth
Once we are at Morrisons we go round and get the shopping and then once Pauline and I have what we want, we go and pay for it and then head into Morrisons cafeteria to get a snack for lunch and a coffee. We both have a Latte and Pauline has a sandwich and a portion of Chips and I have two Sausages and Chips, that does go down a treat and then once we have finished we go outside and I phone a Taxi to take us home.
Todays Lunch in Morrisons
  once we are back home, we get the shopping put away and then I phone for a Taxi to take Pauline home as she has another appointment later on , once pauline has left I go for a lie down until 3.15 when I go and make a coffee and then get on the laptop to get todays Journal written.
Having a Cat Nap 
well it is now 5.15 and time for the quiz show Pointless on BBC 1. Gervase has just phoned to say he will be coming in to see me on the way home from work and I have also had a chat on the phone with Leanne. so I am now going to get this journal posted and then watch Pointless and then after that I will get tonight,s dinner ready to have when Gervase has been, so until tomorrow I will say Cheerio.

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