Friday, May 3, 2013

Sunshine, Methotrexate and a Milky Deluge ?

Now where is that chip
in the Windscreen
And so I will say a very good day to you all, well after a busy and emotional day yesterday I must admit that I did sleep well last night , well as good as normal is these days, and it was nice to see the blue skies and Sunshine when I pulled back the Bedroom Curtain today. anyway I was up earlier today as my son Gervase has booked a day off work today as he is having a chip repaired in the windscreen of his car today so he will be taking Leanne to work and then he will be coming in to pay me a visit at about 8.30.

well I am pleased to say that the stone mason was true to his word and that headstone for Mum and Dad.s Grave was put into place for mums centenary, I have not been able to get over to Fareham to see it but Gervase is taking me over on Sunday, anyway my Niece "Holly" went up to see it with my Brother Pat and took a photograph of it and Pat sent it to me via facebook.

However Back to today, it really is a very nice Morning outside today and a pleasure to have the windows open, anyway Gervase arrives at 8.30 and I am all up and dressed so it is a pleasure to see him, and he has brought my Morning paper for me as well, anyway he and Leanne and a couple of friends are driving down to Brighton this evening to see a band/ group playing, so he needs to check his car tyre,s and get Petrol so I go for a drive round to the Shell petrol station with him so that was nice and we have a nice chat, before that though I text Pauline to let her know all is OK with me.
Its a Blockage again

Once we are back home, we have a chat and then Gervase is off and I settle down to have some porridge for Breakfast and unfortunately a sachet of "Laxido" as it seems that the constipation is kicking back in, you would think that after 2 years I would have got used to it but I still find it a pain in the butt LOL.

Thats the way to do it
Well once breakfast was over I got on the laptop and checked out facebook and then my emails before deciding that as it was so nice out today and as I was not suffering from any Extra aches and Pains after shopping yesterday  would spend ten minutes out in the back yard and do a little bit of weeding, well I did that and it was nice to be able to do something, but after Fifteen minutes my back was aching as was my thighs so time to call it a day on that, at least it Fifteen minutes more than I could do Twelve Months ago

So after that Fifteen minutes of gardening I have calculated that I should have the garden weeded in time for the August bank Holiday, seriously though if this weather keeps up I will get the garden table and chairs out in the yard and spend some time out in the fresh air. so Now to make a coffee , and this is where it all goes wrong as when I start to pour the milk into the cup, my arm muscles decide it is time to have some fun at my expense and I end up with more milk on the work top and the floor than is left in the bottle, and to top it off I missed the cup altogether. so the next half hour is spent trying to clean up but thank goodness for wet floor wipes and floor cloths.

Well after that episode I finally get my coffee and go into the lounge to go back onto the computer and a bit of family history research before lunch at 1.30. I have a nice sandwich of Chicken and bacon chopped up with a gluten free Mayonnaise and with Gluten free bread and it is very tasty. once I had finished lunch I go and wash up and then take the Methotrexate before settling down in the recliner to watch some TV until I start to get this daily Journal started.

At 3.30 I phone My GP surgery and get the results of the monthly blood test, my GP added a couple of extra to check for muscle/bone irregularities because of the aches and pains in my hips/thighs but they have come back normal and all the usual blood tests are as the GP says is "Normal for Me", that description does make me laugh, anyway it looks like the aches and pains in my upper leg and hip on my right side could be due to the tapering of the prednisolone, so we will monitor it over the next couple of weeks and see if it improves otherwise it may mean going back up with the prednisolone........ either that or I am the root cause of the problem by overdoing the walking with the wheelchair.

Well it is now 4.30 and so far the Methotrexate is behaving itself so that is good, perhaps this weekend is one of the better ones (Fingers Crossed) anyway I am going to get myself a nice coffee and then settle down to get this posted and then an evening of TV, As it is Friday and Methotrexate day I have cheated and got myself a Gluten Free ready meal for dinner tonight, it is a Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni , so I will enjoy that

Well that is it for today, so apart from a aching back and a shortage of Milk it has been a good day overall so I will get this Journal posted and say cheerio until tomorrow.

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