Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A wednesday of rest for me today.

Well here we are on a wet but mild Wednesday, After the last couple of days of really warm and bright weather it has changed as the weather forecasters said it would and it looks like it will stay unsettled until next week, below is the weather forecast for Portsmouth for the next 5 days.

So it was a decent nights sleep last night, went to bed about 11.00 and slept through until 7.00, waking once at about 3.30 for the bathroom, anyway once I was awake I went out into the kitchen to get my first coffee of the day which I took back to bed while I just lay around listening to the radio. at about 8.30 I took my Lansoprazole and then sent Pauline a text to let her know all was ok before making another coffee and going into the lounge to have breakfast at 9.00.

Sisters Chatting
anyway I have some Chocolate gluten free cereal this morning, Pauline phones to say that all is OK, she is out on the common with Misty and it is very damp, anyway After I have spoken to Pauline I go and get dressed as Pauline,s Brother in Law Colin will be coming round to see me for a chat and a cuppa at about 10.15, he is taking Pauline,s sister "Fran" down to Pauline,s so will come round and see me for an hour or so, before going back round to Pauline,s.

A Nice Cat Nap,
So before Colin arrives I go round to get my daily Paper and then back home to settle down to read the paper, Well Colin comes round at about 10.20 and I make him a cup of tea and a coffee for me and then we have a good old chat until it is about 12.15 and it is time for him to go back to see Pauline and Fran and take some lunch back for them, so once Colin has gone I get myself a couple of crisp bread with some egg mayonnaise for lunch before going for a lie down at 1.30 after the lunch time news on TV.

Well I needed that little nap as, I am suffering from my KFC Yesterday, I think a KFC yesterday after my Chicken Chow Mein on Sunday is to much spicy food in such a short while for my digestive system so I really must control my eating habits, but then again I enjoyed it and it was a nice treat after so long so a few days of discomfort is well wort it.  Anyway after I have had a lie down I get up and go to the kitchen to get the Potato,s and Cauliflower prepared and into the saucepan ready for tonight,s dinner and then into the lounge to get todays daily journal written.

A good day Resting
in the Recliner 
So where has the time gone today, here we are and it is already 4.20 I don't do a lot during the day on a Wednesday as I rest after the shopping trips with Pauline on Tuesday,s to get ready for the shopping trips with Pauline on  Thursday,s Perhaps we should have 30 hours on a wednesday to give me time to rest LOL. anyway it will soon be time for Pointless on the TV, so I will get this Journal posted for today so until tomorrow I will say bye bye...................


  1. Hello Frank,
    My name is Maria and I live in Southern California. I am 41 years old and have three beautiful children (two girls ages 15 and 13, and a little boy just turned 5 this past weekend). I have been quite I'll since February and after many many doctors was recently diagnosed at UCLA medical center with DM. I am so scared of this disease, but wanted to say that finding your blog has been a bit of comfort. How do you find the energy to post each day, including all the fun illustrations, and taking time to enjoy all the simple things of life.

  2. Hell Maria. Many thanks for reading this blog and am glad it helps, You will find that once the doctors get the Medication sorted that you will start to feel better, although you will have good and bad days as this disease is quite a roller coaster of a ride, You will find that you get a lot of support and help from the Myositis related face book groups on facebook as I found that they helped me a lot when I was first diagnosed with DM 2 years ago. I find writing my daily blog helps me to put this disease into perspective and I am determined that I will not let this disease dictate my life. Hope you have a good day.

    1. Frank,
      Do you do the drawings/illustrations yourself? They are very good. Love the veggies and the recliner ones. If you do the drawings do your hands get tired? My hands are very sensitive to everything (touching even cloth can be sensitive).

  3. No unfortunately my days of drawing have long gone now, I purchase the graphics from a commercial site and add backgrounds, speech bubbles etc. like you I have problems with my hands and arms.