Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Short and Sweet shopping trip today

Yes folks it was short shopping trip on a nice Sunny Thursday today, After a decent nights sleep it was nice to wake up this morning and to draw the curtains and to have the sun streaming through the window, such a change from the last couple of days. Anyway once waking up I went and made a coffee and took back to bed to listen to the radio for an hour before getting out of bed and into the lounge at 9.00 where I sent the morning text to Pauline.

once i had sent the text to Pauline I get some Gluten free cereal for breakfast and then  Pauline phones to say all is ok with them, Gordon got away Ok this morning to Salisbury  as he wants to get on with his days work as he will be picking Pauline up from the Hospital later on this afternoon after her "Vocal Chord Test", Pauline,s appointment is for 3.00 pm so Gordon will meet her at the Hospital. The other thing is that Pauline has got the Plumbers coming at 1.00 pm as there is a problem with the drains so I am going to go down to Southsea at 11.00 and meet Pauline there and then back to her place for 1.00 pm and I can get a taxi home from there so that will work out Ok.
A Speedy Plumber
Once I have spoken to Pauline It is almost 9.30 so I have about 45 minutes to get on to the laptop and check out Facebook and my Emails, I am also thinking about a article on the "Watchdog" TV Program that I was watching last night, it was about the advert in "Tesco" which stated that all there cheddar cheese was English or Irish and this was on the shelf underneath packets of cheese which were labeled "Canadian Cheddar " LOL.
 Well at 10.30 I have a shave and then get dressed ready for when the Taxi arrives at 11.00. The taxi arrives at 10.50 but I am just about ready so the taxi driver gets the wheelchair into the Taxi for me and then off we go to Palmerston road Precinct where I meet Pauline and we have a walk down to the Nationwide and then have a snack and a coffee at Greggs where we can sit outside in the fresh air, next we go into waitrose where I get my shopping and then Pauline pushes me back to her flat which is not far and the plumber has just arrived, so I phone for a taxi to take me home, so that was an enjoyable two hours looking around the shops I also got some excellent Gluten Free Cake slices from Waitrose.

As I said it was a nice Sunny day out down Palmerston road and it was quite busy and it was also nice to see Misty when I went back to Pauline,s so all in all a good day

Palmerston Road in the Sun
A view down Pauline,s road towards the sea
Misty likes to have a fuss made of her.
So that is about it for today, it is now 3.40 and Pauline will be up at the QA Hospital, as her appointment was for 3.00, and they said she could be up there for anything up to two hours having the tesk and discussing her treatment. Once I got back home from Pauline,s at about 1.20 I got the shopping put away and then had a coffee out in the back yard in the sun before coming into the lounge and getting todays Journal written, so now I am going to post it and then settle down with a coffee to read todays paper and catch up on my facebook games, so until tomorrow I will say Cheerio.


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