Monday, May 13, 2013

Just as you thought things were looking up.

Ouch, Ouch, Ouch
it's only 1.30 am.
Yes Thats right folks, just as you think to yourself that you can walk a little further and that summer is coming and things are looking brighter, Life decides to give you a slap in the face. That is what I feel about the events of the last couple of days, so sorry that there was not a daily journal yesterday but life took a bit of a wobbly. and even that could not wait until a decent time of the day, it happened at 1.30 on Sunday Morning.

Hot Chocolate
Went to bed as usual at about 11.00 on saturday night and dropped off to sleep almost right away, then at 1.30 ish in the Morning I woke with this really sharp pain in the area of my right Knee, It was really painful and not the usual muscle ache/Pain that I have come to know and love, those I can tolerate but this was totally different. Anyway took a couple of Paracetamol and tried to get some sleep but to no avail, it was hard to find a position to lie where it was not hurting, anyway I put on the radio and managed to hobble out to the kitchen to get a drink of Hot Chocolate, This did help although it was difficult to walk as the pain increased when I put any weight on that right leg.

Anyway I managed to get through until 9.00 when I got myself out of bed and got some breakfast, I text Pauline to let her know that I had a problem with my leg, anyway it was early on sunday and they were no yet awake, I had some breakfast and Phoned Gervase but again they were probably in bed as He and Leanne were out late last night celebrating Gervase,s Birthday which is today, anyway I am trying to decide which will be the best course of action to take, Pauline Phones to say that Gordon is going to come round to see if he can help in any way. When Gordon turns up we have a chat and then decide that Gordon will take me down to the St Mary,s Walk in treatment centre.

St Mary,s walk in Centre. Portsmouth
Gordon takes me round in his car and it is only a five minute drive from home, we report to reception, fill in the form and then wait to be seen by a Medical Practitioner. While we are waiting Gervase phones to say that they have just got up and seen that they missed my phone call, anyway I tell him what has happened and where I am , so he is going to come down to meet us there. Before Gervase arrives I get called in to see the Practitioner and we have a chat about what has happened and she is very impressed with my knowledge of Dermatomyositis and of the Medication I am on, I also always take my folder of all my medical records, so that helped her as well, anyway she has pinpointed the pain to the head of my Fibula

Them bones, Them Bones
Them leg bones
Anyway as I have been on various doses of Prednisolone for 2 years she has decided that it would be wise to have an x-ray to see if there is any chip or fracture to the bone so it is back out into the waiting area to wait for the Radiologist to do the x-ray. I only have to wait for about 5 minutes and they come and get me and off we go for the x-ray and then after taking the two x-rays I am wheeled back to the waiting area to await the results. 
In the meantime Gervase has arrived and so he stays and Gordon can get back to Pauline, anyway 10 minutes later I go back in to the practitioner and the x-rays are all clear, so she said I probably twisted it in my sleep and she will give me some pain killers to keep the pain at bay, she said that she won't give me Tramadol as in her words "Most of Portsmouth are on those" anyway she has given me 30/500 co-codamol to ease the pain and to phone my GP tomorrow.
Happy Birthday Gervase
Anyway once we are out of there Gervase take,s me home and makes me a coffee and "Guess What ? " the Fridge has decided to stop working, well that is all I need, anyway it will probably stay cold enough for tonight and I will get one sorted tomorrow, if it is not one thing it's another, anyway Gervase goes down to Asda to get the shopping for me and then comes back and we have a chat and after making sure that all is Ok he makes his way back to Leanne , what a way to spend his birthday, anyway hopefully they will have a great evening.

The Morning Coffee.
Well after taking the first dose of co-codamol at about 3.00 I go for a lie down for a couple of hours, I then get up and get my dinner prepared, these co-codamol certainly work quite fast as although it still hurts it is bearable, anyway I have dinner at 6.00 and then settle down in the recliner for the rest of the evening before taking another dose of Co-Codamol at 10.00 and going to bed at 11.00. it does not take me long to get off to sleep and I sleep right through until 7.00 this morning. at 8.00 I go and take a couple of co-codamol just to ease the pain "it does not seem as severe this morning" I also make a coffee to take back to bed and lie listening to the radio until 9.00 when I get up to text Pauline.

Once up and in the lounge I text Pauline and then get some porridge for breakfast, these Pain killers certainly work well BUT the downside is the constipation has returned, since I have been tapering my Medication and eating better food, my digestion has improved and with it the reliance on "Laxatives" but with the introduction of the codeine so has the constipation, so it looks like it will be back to the Laxido tonight for a couple of days. Oh what fun we have.

Anyway the Milk was still Ok in the Broken down fridge but it needs to be replaced today but first I need to contact my GP. I phone the surgery and my GP phones me back within 20 minutes , I let him know about what happened yesterday, and he said that he is not sure what the problem is as the Blood markers he had done last week came back clear of inflammation, my last blood work,s from 10 days ago were all Ok as was yesterdays x-ray, I told him it felt a lot easier this morning so I am going to monitor it for this week and if it gets worse then to contact the surgery otherwise we will review it in a weeks time and possibly do a scan or tests to see if I need to go back on to a Calcium and vitamin D supplement again

My New fridge
Anyway Pauline phones to say that she and Gordon will be round about 11.00 so while Gordon starts the flat cleaning, she will take me over to B&Q in the wheelchair (as I have been told to keep the weight of of my leg for a couple of days) and we can see if they have any Fridge,s in stock, so when Pauline and Gordon arrive I make a coffee each and have a shave and then we head over to B&Q. We see that they have a nice slimline fridge in stock for £158.00 so I decide that will be OK for me so I  Phone my Sister Eileen and she and her friend Chris are going to come down with their van and pick it up and take it round to the flat, so I go and pay for it and they put it on to a trolley and wheel it to the exit for us, where we wait for Eileen and Chris to arrive with the van.

Portsmouth Rubbish Tip (Stock photo)
Well Eileen and Chris arrive and get the fridge into the van along with my Wheelchair and then they take us all back to the flat, Pauline had phoned Gordon, so he had got the old fridge out and when we arrive him and Chris put the new fridge in and connected up, and then the old fridge and the Packaging from the new Fridge was put into Eileen and chris,s van and they are going to take it to the Council Tip so Job Done. I am so glad that I have got such good family and friends as they are always there for me as these last couple of days have shown.

Friends and Family
well Pauline took me round to the tesco express where I got Sandwiches for everyone and then back home to make coffee and tea,s and we all had a good chat and lunch before everyone headed back home, so I settle down with a coffee and start to get todays journal done.  well that is about it for today, I have just taken another couple of           co-codamol so that hopefully will take me through until tomorrow and then hopefully I may be able to reduce down to one twice a day , we will have to see and may be the Laxatives will kick in as well, Ha That should be fun, especially as I have to go down to the city centre tomorrow to collect my Glasses. 

Ok so it is now 5.30, Gervase phoned at 4.30 to see if I was Ok and to see if I wanted anything from the shops as he could get it and bring it in on his way home from work, but I am Ok for everything, he was glad I got a new Fridge so all is looking good at the moment, Pointless is on the TV so I will get this journal posted for today and say bye bye until tomorrow,

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  1. Hi Frank I reckon that with every bob of co-codamol they should issue a stick of dynamite to help clear you out.

    Keep smiling Mike