Saturday, May 25, 2013

At least the sun is shining

Keeping warm
Well here we are on Saturday the 25th May and the start of another Bank Holiday. the good bit is that the Sun is shining, the bad part is that it is still very cold for the time of year. it is only 15C outside in the Sun and earlier on when I got up at 8.30 it was even colder and the heating was on, Higher than normal heating bills this quarter I am afraid

Alternative Energy
I was reading in the paper and heard it on the Radio that this winter just gone it was colder than normal and the gas supplies in this country were down to 7 hours of gas left at one point, that is the trouble now, successive Governments have been privatising our industries and not putting any investment into renewable and alternative energy that we are having to rely on 95% of our energy being imported from Europe. Not a good outlook for future generation,s

Wakey, Wakey Frankie
Well after Yesterdays "Day of Flatulence" yesterday evening my digestive system had settled down so I enjoyed my dinner at 7.00 pm and settled down to watch the TV until 10.30 when I went to bed, listened to the radio for an hour before getting of to sleep, I slept pretty well, woke at 3.30 for the bathroom and then got back to sleep and slept through uninterrupted until 7.30 this morning, when I made a cup of tea and took back to bed before getting up at 8.30 and going into the lounge.

well once I am in the lounge I get the Tv on to watch the news and then send the text to Pauline, who text back to say she will phone later when she is taking Misty out for her morning walk, I then decide that I will carry on with the "Colpermin" for the next couple of days until I am sure that my IBS has settled down again (until the next time) The doctor prescribed the Colpermin last time I had digestive problems, which is all to do with my twisted stomach and they work a treat to bring the flatulence under control, I will also make sure I stick rigidly to my Gluten Free Diet and not get carried away when I see tasty ready meals in the shops (at my age I should know better)

Reading my Morning paper
Well I get myself some "Chocolate Stars" Gluten free cereal for Breakfast which I can eat 30 minutes after taking a Colpermin tablet, as I am eating breakfast Pauline phones to say that she and Gordon are both OK, Pauline is out on the common with Misty and you can tell it is very windy out there and you can hear it blowing while Pauline is on the phone and she was saying that Gordon is busy finishing off the painting in the lounge, once Pauline has finished on the phone I go round and get my Morning Paper and then settle down with the laptop to check out emails and also facebook.

My Cheese Omelette for lunch
Well the rest of the morning is spent watching TV, Reading the paper and playing games on Facebook ( What an exciting life I lead) anyway at 1.30 I take another Colpermin and then I go out into the kitchen to prepare the vegetable for tonight,s dinner which will be Salmon with Potato and cauliflower cheese all made and cooked with fresh ingredients, and then I make a nice tasty cheese omelette for lunch at 2.00 with a nice cup of tea.

Well once lunch is over I go and get the washing up done, get myself a nice cup of coffee and then I settle down with the Tv to watch a movie. I am watching a very emotional movie called "God bless The Child" It is a very good movie, it is a 1988 made for TV Movie starring "Mare Winningham", "Grace Johnston", and "L Scott Caldwell".
"God bless the child" 1988
Painkiller are Go
well there we are then It is another day of rest, and keeping the weight of my leg as directed by my GP, and then tomorrow I will be going out with gervase to get the shopping, and then on Monday I should be able to get around walking a bit more. anyway that is the plan, and the good thing is that today is the second day without pain killers,

well it is now 4.00 pm and there is an hour to go with the Movie and I am really enjoying it a very good movie about homelessness and poverty, anyway, I am going to get this Journal finished and posted for today so until tomorrow I will say Tatty Bye.

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  1. Hi Frank, I am on the gluten free diet, though find it hard to be 100% in this western world. It was much easier when i visited Bali with all their tasty rice and vege and meat dishes. (Dream on) I do find the gluten free does help with extra arthritic pain reduction. Hope you have a good week. P.S. I have Polymyostis (amongst other things)