Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Hi Ho Hi Ho To Gosport we did go.

And so we have survived another Bank holiday and had some decent weather and it is another very bright and sunny day today with temperatures forecast to reach 18C. so as it is supposed to deteriorate tomorrow Pauline and I have decided that we will take a ferry trip across the Harbour today to do our shopping in Gosport.

Gosport is the town on the other side of Portsmouth Harbour, opposite Portsmouth Dockyard and the hard. It is connected by a 5 minute ferry  Journey.
So after a good nights sleep and breakfast I get ready and phone for a taxi to collect me at 11.00 and then I can collect Pauline on the way to the Portsmouth Hard. So I will now give you a Photo Diary of our trip to Gosport.

(1) At the hard with HMS Warrior the first Iron Clad Battleship
(2) Off down to get the Ferry
(3) on the way across the harbour to Gosport
(4) Approaching Gosport town 
(5) Pauline posing in the Gosport Ferry Gardens
(6) Who is this good looking Chap ???
(7) The ferry Gardens are looking nice with the flowers in bloom
(8) the Market stalls are out in the High Street Precinct.
(9) it is a nice day in the Sunshine in Gosport but a lot of empty shops for rent
(10) Pauline does like popping into charity shops and I get dumped outside
(11) well here we are at Morrisons, nice to see all the trees in Blossom.
(12) caught you stuffing yourself with Kentucky Fried Chicken in KFC.
(12a) And me as well my first KFC for over 2 years. "Result"
(14) one of the Narrow shopping alleys
(15) 1.45 and back towards the Ferry to go back home
(16) here we are back at the Gosport Ferry Terminal.
(17) one of the Ferry,s from France heading in to the Continental Ferry Port.
(18) On the ferry heading back to Portsmouth.
(19) the end of an enjoyable trip over to Gosport.
Well that was a really great time over in Gosport we get back home about 3.00 so a enjoyable 4 hours but I am ready for a coffee and a rest in the recliner before getting this journal written and Posted. Thanks as usual to Pauline for Taking me and I am now going to get this journal posted before going for a cat nap so until tomorrow I will say Adios.

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